Hello, I will systematize the student's knowledge and provide the necessary turnkey knowledge


Kirill K.

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It used to be hard to find a person who would help you with your work quickly and efficiently. But you're in luck...

I will take several students for regular lessons. I work online on my own server.

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Education: Dnipro National University

Experience: more than 5 years

I am patient, I like to communicate and engage children in work, I am intelligent, I explain the material clearly to students of any level, I am well versed in my field. I am interested primarily in the effective education of children, not in monetary payment. I can work with several children at the same time. Contact options: by mail or SN by PN. Grades are important, but deep and systematic knowledge is even more important. The sooner a student masters a subject, understands its essence and system, the easier it will be for them to study, pass exams, and enter universities. Lay the foundations of solid knowledge now. Be on the same page as ...


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free of charge