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Fed up with endlessly searching for exam preparation materials? Drowning in an ocean of IELTS tips and life hacks? You are on the right track, because I, having received an 8.0 in 2016, continuously prepare students for IELTS, who are soooo happy with the result and cooperation with me (you can read in the reviews). Do not hesitate to write to me and I will be happy to share my experience and only what will lead you to success in the exam!

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Education: Zhytomyr State Technological University

Experience: more than 5 years

I will bring you to the RESULT (NO guarantee, because 'No pain, no gain' :) Lessons are predominantly in English, so you will have to speak. And love it :) Why you should cooperate with me:  Personally, Europe is the second place where I teach EFL. This made it possible to integrate international experience from China, which made teaching more fascinating  I attend training and courses for enhancing myself (CELTA, TEFL, TEYL, IELTS, 7 Tips for Succes...


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