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Noni G.

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Hi. I am a TEFL-certified Online Tutor with a business background. General English and Business practice English is my specialization. I use communicative and conversational approaches with authentic tasks to teach English. I adjust each lesson to the interests and needs of a particular student, and our classes have a comfortable and friendly environment.

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Education: University of KwaZulu-Natal

Experience: more than 1 year

Hello, my name is Noni. I am friendly, patient, and I like listening to others. I can help you improve your English fluency. Let's speak and learn English! I enjoy reading, cooking, podcasts, business, and nature! I'm a TEFL-certified English tutor with a business background, I close to one year of experience teaching adults online. My lessons are interesting and personal as I teach conversational English with authentic tasks which help with improving your grammar, vocabulary, listening, articulation, pronu...


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