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Good afternoon, my name is Elluz Karina. I have been giving private math classes in Spanish for more than 4 years. I offer individual math classes for children from 10 years old. Classes are taught remotely: Zoom, Skype. Using online whiteboard and digital materials. In addition, classes may be aimed at preparing for school, carrying out tasks in accordance with school textbooks and the school program.

The classes have allowed to solve the doubts that the boys have about this matter, helping in their development and ability with numbers.

The price for a 60-minute lesson is $15.

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Education: Universidad de Los Andes

Experience: more than 1 year

I am a middle school and high school math teacher. Pre-calculus teacher. Civil Engineer graduated in 2016 from the ULA of Venezuela. Conversational Spanish teacher. My classes are in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Subjects are taught at your own pace, according to your requirements. Teaching is my passion. I want to leave a legacy. Academic instruction is in Bachelor of Civil Engineering. I have taught private math classes in Spanish since 2016, and since 2022 I have given Spanish classes because I am from Venezuela, I have a Spanish with a neutral accent, ideal for teaching people who speak English or another language. With a...


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