French with flair : learn naturally and communicate confidently with a vet student abroad !


Leila O.

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I am adept at teaching both children and adults, from beginners to advanced learners. Whether you need assistance in correcting philosophy essays or any other French assignments, I’m here to help. My expertise extends to honing your spoken and comprehension skills, as well as improving your reading and writing abilities in French. With dedication and time, you’ll become a true bilingual with the proficiency to navigate the intricacies of the language effortlessy.

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Education: University of veterinary medicine in Timisoara

Experience: less than 1 year

I’m the best native speaker ! I’m 20 years old student living in Paris for the summer. Currently, pursuing Veterinary medicine in Timisoara, Romania, during the academic year. I thrive on exploring new places and meeting people from around the globe, sharing my own culture and eagerly learning about others. After completing high school, I spent a year in a preparatory class for veterinary school in Paris, aiming for the veterinary entrance exams. However, I decided to take a different path and pursue my studies abroad to enhance my English proficiency and experience a new environment. Currently in my s...


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