10 Funny Songs to Sing For Kids


10 Funny Songs to Sing For Kids
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Funny children's songs have always helped parents entertain, educate and even bring up their children. To the sound of them a child can play, dance, draw, imitate words in movements and much more. We have prepared a list of the best songs for different educational purposes with different ages.


Popular Children's Songs


Usher’s “ABC Song”

Probably, one of the mega-popular works of the equally popular educational and entertainment TV show “Sesame Street”. With its help, kids are happy to learn the alphabet and dance, since original movements are invented for each letter. 

Thanks to motor and visual memory, and associations of movements with letters, it will not be so difficult to remember the alphabet.


Stompy The Bear

A fun song for preschoolers that helps children learn colors. In the video itself, the stomping bear shows up in images of different colors, and their names appear on the screen at the end of the video. 


The Ants Go Marching

A cheerful song-count that will help your child learn the numbers from 1 to 10. At the same time, the song teaches elementary counting skills. Since a child needs to imagine how many ants are in each row now, if their number increases by one each time. This is an example of songs for 6 year olds, but not younger than 5 years.



Song for children of 3-4 years old. Simple words are easy to repeat and remember. It is also effortlessly to motivate a child with this song if he/she likes sweets. It is a great melody for clapping hands and playing applause. You can also sing it with your baby when you cook in the kitchen together.


Nouns Rock

A bright educational song dedicated to nouns. It can be sung to preschoolers and elementary school students. Many examples of nouns are in the text, which are supported by visual images from the video. A baby won't be bored.

If you are not sure that you are developing your child correctly or that you cannot interest him or her in anything, contact a private teacher. On the UpskillsTutor website, you can choose a tutor with the necessary qualifications for your child. 

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Funny Songs to Sing For Kids


Funny Songs for Kids


Hakuna Matata

Incendiary rhythmic song and sticking video from the good old cartoon “The Lion King”. For example, a class teacher can play a little musical with children on this song. 

At the sound of a clip it is possible to do gymnastic exercises with a child or repeat names of animals.


The Frog and the Crow

This is an enchanting educational song, like a fable about how a crow tried to lure a frog out of the swamp and ate it. It refers to songs for 7 year olds, as it already has a plot and a certain morality. This work can be discussed with children, describe the characters. 

By the way, this is also a good text for a home performance, if you and your children have such a tradition.


London Bridge is Falling Down

Traditional children's play song, which is aimed at stimulating the child's desire to actively move. Mom or Dad may perform this song, while your child can illustrate the words with his or her own movements. At its sound, children can play in a group by holding hands and forming the arch of a bridge, and then run away, demonstrating destruction.


The Name Game

This is a great Shirley Ellis tongue-twist song for kids 6-7 years old. It is quite difficult to pronounce (it is not just rhyming names), so you'll have to practice well before you learn it with your child. 


On Top of Spaghetti

Laughing and silly song about a meatball rolling off the table. But you better refrain from singing at the table. You can sing this song to a kid while he or she draws pictures to the song. 

Do you want your entertainment classes with children to have a really strong effect? Then hurry up to hire a tutor: a teacher of elementary grades, a singing teacher or a child development specialist.


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