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Education: Augsburg University

Experience: less than 1 year

Hello! I am a friendly, patient, and kind individual who can make a stranger feel at ease. I have been doing art since first grade. I have a bachelor's degree in English and a certificate in Studio Art. My passions are art, music, and literacy. I like to teach English - reading and writing. Good writers and artists take time to hone their skills. I want to meet you where you're at and gui...

25 $/h.

free of charge

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✅ Number of tutors:2
✅ Average price:25 $/h.
✅ The average rating of tutors:4.2
✅ Skype/online classes:


✅ The average experience:less than 1 year
✅ Tutors' schedule:Mon-Sun, 8:00 - 21:00

Education: University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Experience: more than 20 years

I have over 35 years experience as an independent business owner specializing in Database programming with focus on MS SQL. I have mentored many junior level developers in SQL programming and have presented week long presentations for Best Buy developers. I have a personalized approach to tutoring and can adjust my presentations to any level of experience, including advanced topics such as parsing and generating XML or ...

50 $/h.

free of charge

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The average cost of classes in Plymouth, MN - 25 $/h.

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from $92 per hour

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from $114 per hour

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from $92 per hour

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from $368

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from $2116