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✅ Average price:40 $/h.
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✅ The average experience:more than 20 years
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Education: Cambridge College

Experience: more than 20 years

I have a Masters in Education and have been tutoring for over 20 years. I worked in Mechanical Design on CAD for 28 years. Now I do Math tutoring. I am especially good working with students with Math Anxiety, ADD and ADHD. Many of my students went from hating math and believing they will never be good at it, to enjoying going to class, confident. I have a Masters degree in Education and I am certified as a Brain Health Coach. My teaching style is very positive and patient, and my students feel good about getting tutoring because of it and their grades improve.

40 $/h.

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The average cost of classes in Wilmington, NC - 40 $/h.

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Math40 $/h.

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