Tutor - Margaret P. id: 10046

Margaret P.

25 $/h.
25 $/h.

I'm native Russian speaker who exactly knows how to teach Russian and Chinese University student.

Margaret P.

I'm native Russian speaker who exactly knows how to teach Russian and Chinese University student.


Mandarin Chinese


Teaching levels

А1 (Beginner)

А2 (Pre-Intermediate)

Elementary School


Tutor for children

I'll explain you how to talk Chinese grammatically correct.

Teaching levels

А1 (Beginner)

А2 (Pre-Intermediate)

B1 (Intermediate)

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

C1 (Advanced)

C2 (Proficiency)

Conversation language

Elementary School

For study abroad

Middle School

Native speaker

Tutor for adults

Tutor for children

I'm native Russian speaker and I know how to teach Russian using the most modern ways and slangs.

Lessons may take place

At students’ place:
At tutors' place:


Hi there.
I'm a Russian and Chinese tutor. I like learning languages and try to understand them and assimilate them to other people.

In my classes, we will cover everything you need for perfect language learning: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

I will teach you how to read and speak Russian and Chinese correctly so that you are understood the first time.

We will also often study Grammar because it is the key to knowledge.
The lessons will be modern methods of teaching the language, so it will always be catchy

I love and know how to work with children :)
I have experience working with children with disabilities

In my lessons everything will be according to a clear plan, the child will not sit idle. And after a month of hard work, you can already see the result.

A young teacher who knows exactly how to teach English :)

I work with groups and individually

Kharkiv National Pedagogical University KNPU, Bachelor’s Degree, 2024
more than 3 years

Tutor's calendar

Here are the hours when the tutor has the opportunity to work with new students. The information about the available time slots may change every hour in real time. That is why you have to discuss the exact time with a tutor

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