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Anastasia S.

15 $/h.
15 $/h.

Have you dreamed of learning German for a long time? But also to do it effectively and interestingly? Then here you are!) Herzlich Willkommen!

Anastasia S.

Have you dreamed of learning German for a long time? But also to do it effectively and interestingly? Then here you are!) Herzlich Willkommen!



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I worked and have been working as a tutor of English and German for two years. I like teaching, especially children. I am studying to become a translator and teacher of English and German at the Kyiv National Linguistics University.

I love foreign languages ​​and I really like to pass on my experience. Teaching a language is like a hobby!) I know that all people are capable and you can find an approach to everyone! I believe that every person is an individual who is capable of reaching heights! The teaching method is quite interesting and modern, because this is the only way to get anyone interested in learning.

Kyiv National Linguistic University , Bachelor’s Degree, 2022
more than 2 years

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