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Anna H.

25 $/h.
25 $/h.

A safe place to talk and get support.

Anna H.

A safe place to talk and get support.




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Teaching levels

Specialized courses

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Hello, I'm here so that you can speak out and share your experiences. My greatest strengths are support and empathy. I create a safe space to feel good, at least for a while and get away from the routine. I have been in personal therapy for a year and a half and in group therapy for half a year. If you're not ready to see a psychologist just yet, you can spend the transition period with me. Everything will be fine.

State Higher School in Biała Podlaska, Bachelor’s Degree, 2020
less than 1 year

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I graduated from 2 faculties of the university. I have a lot of experience in working on myself!.. So I will try to help you too!..

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Spanish-Canadian with a penchant for karaoke and travel. My teaching style is inspired by Bill Nye--I do my utmost to blend education with entertainment in order to keep students engaged and interested. Expect me to wear a bow tie to class! And to hear some guitar.

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Hi there, my name is Melissa (MSc in Psychology)! I am passionate about psychology and neuroscience and even more so about creating a nice and fun teaching atmosphere, in which my students feel comfortable to ask as many questions as they need and even enjoy the learning process. I look forward to meeting you!

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I'm a teenage psychologist who assesses, diagnoses, and treats children with slight or severe mental, emotional, or social disorders.

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• Singer, Voice Therapy Coach • Over 10 Years of Experience in Vocal Performing, Teaching and PR • French Music Label's Artist • Odessa Philharmonic Theatre Soloist • Ukrainian Choir Association Member • Jury Member of International Competitions