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Igor L.

30 $/h.
30 $/h.

Hi, my name is Igor, I'll teach you the best guitar melodies and solos in any styles!

Igor L.

Hi, my name is Igor, I'll teach you the best guitar melodies and solos in any styles!



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Hi, my name is Igor, I play guitar over 20 years, about 7 years worked on cruise ships as an orchestra guitarist for Broadway shows, before was studying in a music college and was a part of the pop band in Ukraine. About one year ago I moved to Canada and have met really great musicians, and now we are rehearsing some songs for the future shows.
So, I've got some time to teach, I'm very excited to meet new students and play some cool music together!

College of Music and Art in Ukraine, Master’s Degree, 2009
more than 20 years

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