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Milena S.

20 $/h.
20 $/h.

An upbeat, optimistic teacher who views every lesson as an experience to give to a student. Invested in every student's success.

Milena S.

An upbeat, optimistic teacher who views every lesson as an experience to give to a student. Invested in every student's success.





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Teaching levels

C2 (Proficiency)

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In 2024 I am majoring in International relations. I follow the communicative approach in my teaching. My goal is to motivate my students to see their target language as a source of happiness and a tool for success. I encourage the student to speak as much as possible. You can expect to be able to say basic expressions in your target language by the end of the very first lesson. :)

National Aviation University of Kyiv, Bachelor (International Relations), 2024
more than 3 years

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