Tutor - Adnan R. id: 11087

Adnan R.

10 $/h.
10 $/h.

I'm teaching the last one-year, biology is my main subject, but I can also teach chemistry and physics.

Adnan R.

I'm teaching the last one-year, biology is my main subject, but I can also teach chemistry and physics.



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Bachelor in Biology.

Duke University, Bachelor’s Degree, 2021
less than 1 year

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Hey there, I'm Mustafa, and I am an experienced GCSE/O Level/IGCSE/AQA/SAT/MCAT Biology tutor. I have completed postgraduate studies in Biotechnology and Biochemistry along with a professional degree in Science education. I have been teaching students on different online platforms and am currently working as a biology lecturer at a college.

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Hello) I am also studying, and I want to make the learning process easier for others, because I understand how sometimes it can be difficult. I passed the biology exam with 199 points out of 200. My favorite thing about teaching is making complex things simple.

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I know how to find an individual approach to students, and I know how to present interesting information. I can teach you biology and chemistry. I teach lessons using modern technologies. My goal is your excellent result)

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I am just 19, and I graduated from school not long ago, so I know how hard and annoying it is to study. But, don't worry, I got your back. I will help you enjoy your studies.