Tutor - Jimmy
 L. id: 149

Jimmy L.

15 $/h.
15 $/h.

Jimmy L.



Teaching levels

А2 (Pre-Intermediate)


For study abroad



Lessons may take place

At students’ place:

Chicago, IL:

60659 Arcadia Terrace, 60632 Archer Heights, 60617 Avalon Park, 60625 Budlong Woods, 60619 Burnside, 60605 Dearborn Park, 60612 East Garfield Park, 60652 Ford City, 60613 Graceland West, 60619 Grand Crossing, 60619 Marynook, 60645 Nortown, 60628 Pullman, 60660 Rosehill, 60618 St. Ben's, 60634 Schorsch Village, 60640 Sheridan Park, 60612 Smith Park, 60649 South Shore, 60612 Tri-Taylor

At tutors' place:
Chicago, IL, 60608 Douglas Park


University of California, Riverside, First-professional Degree, 1993
more than 20 years

Tutor's calendar

Here are the hours when the tutor has the opportunity to work with new students. The information about the available time slots may change every hour in real time. That is why you have to discuss the exact time with a tutor

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