Tutor - Thomas
 R. id: 277

Thomas R.

25 $/h.
25 $/h.

Thomas R.



Teaching levels

А1 (Beginner)

B1 (Intermediate)

C2 (Proficiency)

Elementary School


Lessons may take place

At students’ place:

Chicago, IL:

60659 Arcadia Terrace, 60641 Belmont Gardens, 60634 Big Oaks, 60605 Central Station, 60638 Chrysler Village, 60608 Douglas Park, 60612 East Garfield Park, 60622 East Village, 60616 The Gap, 60608 K-Town, 60610 Magnificent Mile, 60636 Marquette Park, 60623 Marshall Square, 60608 North Lawndale, 60614 Park West, 60652 Parkview, 60628 Pullman, 60649 South Shore, 60622 Ukrainian Village, 60609 Washington Park

At tutors' place:
Chicago, IL, 60618 Ranch Triangle


San Francisco State University, Associate Degree, 1995
more than 3 years

Tutor's calendar

Here are the hours when the tutor has the opportunity to work with new students. The information about the available time slots may change every hour in real time. That is why you have to discuss the exact time with a tutor

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