Tutor - Juliia O. id: 7202

Juliia O.

20 $/h.
20 $/h.

12 years of experience. Successful English for every day, IT, interviews, etc. Small groups (up to 3 students) are possible as well.

Juliia O.

12 years of experience. Successful English for every day, IT, interviews, etc. Small groups (up to 3 students) are possible as well.



Teaching levels

А1 (Beginner)

А2 (Pre-Intermediate)

B1 (Intermediate)

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

Business language

C1 (Advanced)

College / University

Conversation language

Elementary School


Middle School

Tutor for adults

The Audio Lingual Method,the Structural Approach. Conversations and positivity. Constant support and work with alive language.

Lessons may take place

At students’ place:
At tutors' place:


Teaching since 2006. Being a patient teacher, I always try to adjust to the student's schedule, their interests and wishes. I organize my lessons as interesting as it is possible. I always adjust the material to an individual student. I oppose standards and cramming. I do not use negative emotions during the lessons because students expect knowledge, not shouts, criticism and teacher's impatience. I explain clearly during the classes and I'm always in touch with the student as needed.
I like to observe the progress of students and motivate them for new achievements. If it's necessary, I work on the student's self-esteem, because I believe that if a person is confident in his/her abilities, they can do impossible things.

University of California, San Diego, Master’s Degree, 2006
more than 10 years

Tutor's calendar

Here are the hours when the tutor has the opportunity to work with new students. The information about the available time slots may change every hour in real time. That is why you have to discuss the exact time with a tutor

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Tetiana L.

I discuss with students educational goals and expectations. I teach students to develop deeper comprehension of English course materials and better understanding of assignments to improve academic success. I help students to complete homework assignments, identify lagging skills and correct weaknesses. I also teach students test passing technics.

Liliia L. id: 7795

Liliia L.

I find an approach to any student and really like my work. I can work on foreign programs, and explain them in Ukrainian/English/Russian/German. Teaching is my hobby, I always enjoy explaining things to others and seeing the result of my efforts.

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Yuliia D.

I passed the External Examination in English in 2021 with 200/200 points.I received an international PTE certificate and participated in a large number of competitions. I create comfortable atmosphere for every student, As I believe, that this is a key to successful learning.

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My name is Matteo Emiliani, I was born and raised in Italy. Since I started my primary school, I have shown great interest and predisposition to foreign languages. For that, my study career has always pursued the career of foreign languages.

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Anastasia S.

Hello there! My name is Anastasia, I have been English tutor since 2019, I work with children and adults also. I think it doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 50, you can learn English whenever you want. I have IELTS certificate of C1 level, which i passed in the end of 2021.