Tutor - Valeriia Z. id: 7509

Valeriia Z.

15 $/h.
15 $/h.

Like to teach, can help you

Valeriia Z.

Like to teach, can help you





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Middle School

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Native speaker

Teaching levels

Native speaker

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Odessa National University, Master’s Degree, 2016
more than 5 years

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Mark T.

- The best tutor in 2020 according to "Buki" Marketplace for Tutoring among 100,000 tutors; - Ph.D. in Germanic Languages; - holder of the TESOL international certificate (San Diego, California, USA); - 15 years of teaching English and Ukrainian in Ukraine, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

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An upbeat, optimistic teacher who views every lesson as an experience to give to a student. Invested in every student's success.

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I grew up speaking both English and Japanese, so I do not have an accent in either language. I can help improve your conversational skills, pronunciation, and basic grammar. We will discuss where you would like to start and what your goals are before starting. Feel free to bring homework, a workbook, or any questions outside of sessions.

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Daria M.

Hi there! I'm Ukrainian and tutoring is my job for more than 5 years. Ukrainian and Russian are my native tongues, so I'll help you with pleasure to learn one of these languages.

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Elvira S.

I live in Ukraine, but I am very interested in teaching foreigners or people who moved to the USA online. I have been working as a translator and a tutor for 20 years. I like teaching and communicating with learners of any age. I am very friendly, positive and responsible. I always want to support students in their studying of foreign languages.