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30 $/h.

I am Chiemela Orji, a certified teacher of math, business, economics and elementary science with seven years experience.


I am Chiemela Orji, a certified teacher of math, business, economics and elementary science with seven years experience.


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I am a 21st century trained and qualified teacher who guides and allows every child to learn according to his/her own learning style. My teaching pattern is flexible as the need of every learner is different; I try so much to understand the learning styles of my students so as to adopt a method that would suit his/her learning pattern.

Moreover, I teach a wide array of subjects as enlisted on my profile, preparing students for different examinations ranging from British/American (Check point / IGCSE) and some National curriculums . In fact with the good use of illustrations and relevant teaching aids I have been able to effect the needed cognitive behavioural changes in my learners.

Finally, as a Certified (Special Needs/Gifted Talented Learners) and Child Protection Instructor; I make sure I simplify subject contents and methods which enables my learners feel comfortable to learn without getting bored.

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Bachelor’s Degree, 2012
more than 5 years

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