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Alex S.

60 $/h.
60 $/h.

Friendly teacher of Ukrainian with the Master’s degree in media communications and experience of hosting public events.

Alex S.

Friendly teacher of Ukrainian with the Master’s degree in media communications and experience of hosting public events.



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Hi I’m Alex, and this is the story why I can truly teach the Ukrainian language.

First of all, I was really good at Ukrainian at school, so I scored 197,5 from 200 on the graduational exam (ZNO).

Then, I used to host various public events using Ukrainian and English for communication. For example, I organized speaking clubs with the UN volunteers and American film director Ben Mozes.

Finally, I got the master’s degree in media communications, so I can make any content in Ukrainian: video, audio, novels.

Moreover, I’m not just a tutor of Ukrainian. I have a deep knowledge of Ukrainian history, culture and geography, so you will get all the trends and nuances of the modern Ukrainian language with me.

You can hire me as a tutor if you are going to use your knowledge of Ukrainian in the following areas:
- Business and humanitarian aid;
- Politics and economy
- History and culture
- Dating a Ukrainian couple

If my story caught you - press the “Contact tutor” button on my page.

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Master’s Degree, 2020
more than 5 years

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