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Aneta K.

55 $/h.
55 $/h.

Welcome to lessons with me - a competent academic teacher and an interesting person.

Aneta K.

Welcome to lessons with me - a competent academic teacher and an interesting person.


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I have been working as a pedagog for more than 20 years. I have already helped many learners to develop their talents. My mission is to raise your self-esteem as a learner to get school and academic success. I can provide you with suitable learning methods, techniques, and tools to make your learning process easier and more effective. I will help you to overcome your personal and learning difficulties and I can increase your motivations. I work with both original and classic methods. I have derived knowledge from many resources. I work with talented learners. I teach pedagogical subjects (f. e. comparative educational studies). I am very skillful with English grammar. We can speak about important matters in English (healthy lifestyle, slow life, yoga, Philosophy, mindfulness, herbs, etc. I can teach your children (until third class) integrated studies. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. You are welcome. Best wishes, Aneta

Breslow University, doctor, 2011
more than 20 years

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