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Omar A.

25 $/h.
25 $/h.

I'm resilient, diligent, and adaptable. I'm dedicated, trustworthy, and eager to contribute to your organization.

Omar A.

I'm resilient, diligent, and adaptable. I'm dedicated, trustworthy, and eager to contribute to your organization.



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I teached private students from grade 2 till grade 7 all subjects, and i have experience in teaching through an institute where i teached many students also

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Lebanon, TN, Majdelbaana-Mount Lebanon


I attended Lebanese University Faculty of Sciences I (2016), earning a bachelor’s degree in Earth and Life Sciences (2019), Master 1 in Applied Animal Biology (2020) and Master 2 in Forensic Sciences (2021). My work experience includes a forensic internship with the Lebanese Internal Security Forces at the Emile Al Helo Police Station. This helped me develop problem-solving skills and learn how to handle confidential information. I am confident in my critical and analytical thinking, interviewing and communication skills. I often work closely with our crime scene investigation team and detectives where I learn how to assess, preserve and record the crime scene, do chain of custody take casts for footprints, create a systemic record of all actions taken at the crime scene and conduct a systematic search for evidence that is physically packaged and tagged Proof. Moreover; I make training at the Central Identification Bureau where I learned how to processes fingerprint cards for fingerprints taken of arrested individuals, Processes latent fingerprints taken from a crime scene using AFIS, or visual comparison in order to compare prints to previous records to establish identity, how to do deal with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), do fingerprint matching, examine latent prints and perform facial recognition. On the other hand, I’m experienced in Microsoft Office tools such as: excel, word processing and power point presentation.

Lebanese University- Faculty of Sciences, Master’s Degree, 2021
more than 1 year

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