Tutor - Andriana M. id: 9239

Andriana M.

20 $/h.
20 $/h.

I'm a tutor in love with my work.

Andriana M.

I'm a tutor in love with my work.



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My knowledge + your effort = excellent result. Because I make every effort to make our concepts interesting and productive.

After all, I am constantly developing in order to know as much as possible about our language and teaching methods. I want not only to teach, but also to teach loving the Ukrainian language and literature.

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Do you want to learn the Ukrainian language? Then come to me. I like to teach someone the Ukrainian language, so I constantly attend various pieces of training for self-development. My experience is multifaceted because I have worked with different needs of students. I develop an individual program, set a goal, and achieve it together with the student. During the lesson, I use videos, songs, audio, online games, tests, and memes. Let's work together.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Master’s Degree, 2020
more than 5 years

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