25 Common Collocations with "Go" without Prepositions

 25 Common Collocations with "Go" without Prepositions

The collocation is a group of 2 or more words that usually go together.

Today, let’s have a look at 25 collocations with “go” without prepositions:

  1. Go bald – lose one’s hair

   E.g. He’ll probably go bald in his thirties, as his father did.

   Unfortunately, some of my friends started going bald at 25 and were completely bald by 35.

   I think nobody wants to go bald at a young age.

  1. Go insane – become mentally ill; to go crazy – often used in an exaggerated way.

   E.g. If he doesn’t stop yelling like that, I’m going to go completely


   I sometimes think I’m going insane (= I feel very confused)

  1. Go missing – run away, disappear, vanish, become lost or absent

   E.g. The train went missing in the smog.

   My jewelry has gone missing, and I want to call the police!

   – How did the cat go missing? – I have no idea!

  1. Go overseas – go abroad

   E.g. You have to be over 18 to go overseas in this country.

   Internships allow bright students to go overseas and gain experience

   In leading universities.

   We don’t need to go overseas to meet people who don’t care about

   The environment.

  1. Go bankrupt – be unable to pay one’s debts; have no money

   E.g. That company went bankrupt/went broke.

   Jack went bankrupt/broke after just 2 years in business.

   The lockdown has led to lots of businesses going bankrupt.

   I’ll go bankrupt with such a wife like you are!

  1. Go out of business – stops doing business permanently, especially

   Because it has failed; not in working order, inoperative

   E.g. If you give everything for free, we’ll soon go out of business.

   John went out of business when he turned 35.

   The slot machine seems to be out of business tonight.

  1. Go astray – go away from the correct path or correct way of doing something; become lost

   E.g. The parcel might have gone astray in the mail.

   A lot of items of the post being sent to him have gone astray.

   I guess my suitcase has gone astray. Somebody might have taken it

   By mistake.

  1. Go bad – become spoiled; some food is not fresh enough to eat or drink; become unpleasant or unfavorable; begin to engage in some illegal matters.

   E.g. It seems that the jam has gone bad. You need to throw it away.

   They can’t speak with each other anymore. Their relationship has gone bad.

   They always seem so annoyed with each other. I bet their relationship

   Has gone bad.

   If that student continues being a friend of those criminals, he will go bad.

  1. Go home – go to your place

   E.g. If you have nothing to do, just go home.

   I’m so tired. Let’s go home.

   One can’t travel so long. Sooner or later they’d like to go home.

  1. Go downtown – go to the central part of the city; be arrested or go to jail.

   E.g. You might want to go downtown with me. I’m bored staying at home.

   If I were you, I’d go downtown to watch an interesting gig.

   George went downtown after being caught robbing the bank.

  1. Go north, go south, go west, go east

    Would you rather go north or go south?

   You’d better go west than go east. 

   “Go west” is a good song by “Pet Show Boys”.

  1. Go viral

   If a video, image, or story goes viral. It spreads quickly and widely on the internet through social media and email.

   E.g. His video went viral with 100 million views. 

   What should he do to make his video viral? 

   I can’t believe that the video with the fluffy cat went viral

  1. Go straight – Literally, to move forward in the direction one is facing.

   E.g. Just go straight, turn left, and you’ll see the shop. 

   Slang To begin to respect the law after a period of crime.

   At last, he started to go straight after spending 10 years in prison. 

   Slang To stop taking drugs.

   If you don’t go straight, you’ll get addicted to those kinds of drugs really fast. 

  1. Go left – go to the left side,
  2. Go right – go to the right side

   E.g. Go left, then go straight, and then go right, and you’ll see me standing near the University. 

  1. Go up  1. To increase.

   E.g. Car prices have gone up abruptly, so probably we’ll sell our car.

   If the temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celsius, we’ll have to buy an AC. 

  1. To walk over or up to something.

    E.g. Please go up to me, and I’ll show you how to fix your device. 

    I'll just go up to the salesman and ask how much this vacuum costs.

  1. To climb or ascend something.

    E.g. His dad went up the ladder, wasn’t careful, and fell down.

  1. Go down. 1. To lower, sink, or fall.

    E.g. After the sun goes down, we should throw a party!

    Shares in the company went down after Chinese sanctions. 

  1. To occur, happen, or unfold, as an event or action.

    E.g. We need to clarify what went down there before we change our strategy. 

  1. Go shopping means that your intentions are to buy things or purchase new versions of something. 

   E.g. You need to go shopping for a new dress. 

   She likes to go shopping on the weekend. 

   We went shopping for some presents at the mall

  1. Go running – go jogging

   E.g. Let’s go running. The weather is awesome. 

  1. Go swimming – to have intentions to swim 

   E.g. If I were you, I’d definitely go swimming.

  1. Go snowboarding – to ride on the snowboard

   E.g. I would rather go snowboarding than staying at home.

  1. Go skating – to ride on skates

   E.g. When I was younger, I would go skating.

  1. Go dancing – to dance with someone

   E.g. I’d like to go dancing with you. 

  1. Go skiing – to hit the slopes

   E.g. Going skiing is often dangerous.

  1. Go fishing – to go somewhere to catch fish

 E.g. When was the last time you went fishing? 

Write down your 5 examples with the collocations without prepositions in the comments below.











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