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Yevhen K.

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Hello! My name is Evgeniy.

Teaching experience - more than 20 years. Two full higher educations, master.

I teach private lessons in chemistry for middle and high school students.
We work through the course material, summarize the knowledge of the learned material, consolidate the skills and abilities of writing chemical formulas of substances, reaction equations, and solving problems.

Who do I work with?
- junior classes: introduction to chemistry - interesting about chemistry and chemical elements, chemical phenomena, chemistry in everyday life;
- junior and senior classes: "pull up" knowledge of chemistry, conduct lessons, help in mastering the program material, doing homework;
- 10-11 grades: preparation for UPE.

What programs?
- standard level;
- profile level;
- advanced level

What do I use?
- own teaching methods;
- own development of didactic materials;
- ZOOM using presentation and whiteboard.

What are the benefits?
- individual approach;
- Friendly atmosphere;
- I take into account the problems and wishes of both students and parents;
- Periodic communication with parents on the results of training.

Contact me, I'll be happy to help.

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Education: Kharkiv State Pedagogical University named after H.S. Skovoroda, Poltava State Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko

Experience: more than 20 years

Hello. I am a chemistry tutor. At the lessons I create an atmosphere of trust, I explain easily, simply, accessible. Chemistry lessons. Experience 20 years. I teach in Ukrainian. I will help not only to master chemistry as a subject, but also to instill a love for this science. Over the years, he has developed his own methods of teaching chemistry, taking into account the level of the student's initial knowledge of chemistry, the individual needs and abilities of the child. ...


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