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Professional Driving tutors from all over the USA

Driving is undoubtedly a useful and important skill. This ability saves us from the many difficulties associated with distances. But in this sphere you can build a good career, as well as do it as a hobby, participate in races, for example.

One of the requirements for applicants in many companies is the presence of a driver's license. Candidates who are able to drive are constantly priority.

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your Driving?

There are many ways of improving a skill:

  • self-study (books, video lessons);
  • studying with a mentor (group courses, tutors, schools/universities.

Group training is important for communication and exchange of experience. But still each person has his/her own difficulties, obstacles, perhaps fears associated with driving. It is difficult for someone to remember the traffic rules, and someone, on the contrary, feels very nervous during the process of practical driving. Also, some people quickly learn basic skills and want to learn more extreme car riding.

Therefore, each student needs a personal approach designed specifically for his/her difficulties. One-on-one class with a personal teacher is the most effective method.

How much do private Driving classes cost?

Driving is an important and therefore expensive skill. The price of one lesson depends on the following factors:

  • duration of a lesson;
  • location;
  • training complexity and category;
  • teacher competence.

On average, the cost of a 60-minute lesson is about $50. The lower limit of the cost starts at $40 per hour. Lessons that last 1.5-2 hours usually cost about $100. Classes with well-known professionals can be more expensive.

Much also depends on your place of residence. In New York or Los Angeles, the preparation of the same level of difficulty will cost you more than in Denver or Jacksonville. So, take a closer look at prices in different cities.


Price, USD per hour

New York


San Francisco 


Los Angeles 


Philadelphia City




San Jose 






San Diego




How to find the best Driving teacher?

All adults, willing to drive, can practice this discipline. The program depends on the purpose of the training – professional driving or driving for yourself.

Of course, to obtain a license, you need to enroll in courses at a licensed driving school and pass the appropriate examinations. But the courses give a standard program. And what if you need to expand your qualifications, improve your skills, and you already have the license?

Some people make arrangements with instructors from driving schools and ask to give them some individual lessons. But it is also possible to look for such teachers on tutoring sites.

  1. Read the information in the profile carefully.
  2. Learn reviews.
  3. Find out how you can make sure that a tutor is professionally reliable – by yourself or using the site.
  4. Talk to a teacher, ask about his/her practical experience of driving.
  5. Ask for a trial lesson if possible.

Why is it worth looking for a Driving tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

We are talking about a site whose reliability is proved by a lot of facts.

First, it has a huge popularity and representation in 6 countries of the world in addition to the USA. Secondly, the site has very good traffic: every 4 minutes new requests from students appear. Thirdly, there are about 90 thousand tutors in 206 different subjects on the site. Already more than 650 thousand students have found their teachers here and successfully completed their studies. And that is about 5 million lessons.

The benefits of this resource do not end there. All services on search and selection of a tutor, consulting, use of materials of a site are absolutely free. With intuitive and user-friendly search filters, you can immediately exclude many inappropriate candidates and select only those who best meet your requirements. Many tutors publish useful educational materials and articles on the site.

After choosing, you send a tutor a request in which you specify your goals and expectations. A tutor will accept your request and call you to agree on the date of the first lesson.

Thus, the advantages of this site in comparison with other ways of searching for a tutor are undeniable:

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • fast feedback;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials.

The ability to drive is important both for your own comfort and for professional driving. With years of practice, you can also share your driving experience and teach others. After all, it is much more convenient and faster to get to your work by car than by public transport.

To maximize your driving skills, contact a private teacher. Thanks to UpSkillsTutor, it won't take you long, but it will be a valuable experience in your life.