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Education: Kamenetz-Podolsk National University named after Ivan Ogienko

Experience: more than 10 years

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Professional guitar tutor with 10 years of experience. Always an individual approach and methodology to each student! I am currently working at Kamenetz-Podolsk National University named after Ivan Ogienko and at the College of Culture, as a teacher of the class of guitar. Graduate student, individual approach to each student, professional selection of repertoire on opportunities and abilities. I work in finger sty...

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Education: National Mexico University

Experience: more than 20 years

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I am a Mexican guitarist, based in Mexico City, with extensive experience in teaching the instrument for many years. I have developed a good teaching method, always based on the abilities and interests of the students to maintain the taste for playing the guitar.I'm sure you'll enjoy the classes very much. I am a Mexican guitarist, based in Mexico City, with extensive experience in teaching the instrument for many years. I have developed a good teaching method, always based on the abilities and interests of the students to maintain the taste for playing the guitar.I'm sure you'll enjoy the classes ver...

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Tutors of guitar - according to your request:3
The average rating of tutors of guitar :0
Skype/online classes:Yes
The average response time of tutor of guitar :00:00:00
Tutors' schedule of guitar :Mon-Sun, 8:00 - 21:00
The average experience of guitar :more than 5 years

Online lessons are available


Education: Columbia University

Experience: more than 5 years

Online lessons are available

I am a performer (piano, guitar, accordion), composer and music teacher. I have experience of teaching so know many pedagogical things which come with time and aren't oblivious at the beginning of work. Also, I have played in many ensembles and orchestras. I like to play virtuoso and folk music, improvise in different music styles. I like to explore music styles and genr...

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A guitar is not only entertainment, but also a very valuable skill that contributes to the development of mental abilities and musical hearing. In addition, playing the guitar is always fashionable, popular, and stylish, especially among teenagers. Skillful playing can be the beginning of a successful guitar career. But for this purpose it is necessary to be engaged long and persistently, and, of course, to adore your activity.

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your Guitar?

In fact, there are only two ways to learn a skill:

  • self-study (books, video lessons, step-by-step instructions and recommendations);
  • studying with a mentor (group courses, tutors, schools/universities).

If we talk about learning to play any musical instrument, then self-learning is unlikely. Unless you are already an experienced musician or a highly motivated person. But it is about adults, not children.

Often parents choose specialized schools, clubs, courses for their children, where classes are usually group. And a teacher has to distribute her or his attention on each student, and this attention, as always, is not enough.

But private lessons are much more effective in this regard. After all, a tutor devotes time only to one student and takes into account only his/her needs, difficulties and abilities.

How much do private Guitar classes cost?

The average price of private guitar lessons in the United States is about $43 per hour. The level of the tutor's professionalism, the duration of a lesson and the purpose of training affect the formation of the cost. For example, reputable, high-experienced teachers, including successful musicians, share their experience at high prices, within the range of $100-150 per hour. Beginning teachers and yesterday's students take relatively little – from $20 per hour.

But the price depends significantly on the location. For example, in New York or Los Angeles, prices are the highest. In small towns, they are equal to or lower than the average cost. But you can choose online classes and find a teacher with a reasonable price from any state.


Price, USD per hour

New York


Los Angeles


San Francisco




Philadelphia City






San Diego




San Jose








San Antonio


How to find the best teacher?

First of all, children need the help of a guitar tutor. But also adults cannot teach themselves, so these classes will still be somewhat superficial and imperfect. Even experienced musicians who perfectly master other musical instruments also sometimes feel the need to consult a specialist.

Often, parents of schoolchildren are looking for music schools or centers by announcements. There are also those who search for a tutor using special tutoring sites. But the main thing in this task is to make sure in advance of the high professional qualities of a teacher and that he/she has found an approach to your child. 

To do this, look for tutors who are ready for a trial lesson. Also ask a tutor to show you documents on education, current job and the like. And it is also important to get acquainted with the feedback about a teacher from previous students.

Why is it worth looking for a tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

It is a tutorial site with a proven reputation and a leading position in the market of educational services not only in the USA, but also in other countries of the world. In particular, in Spain, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine and others. The site gained the trust of many students and tutors. About 90 thousand teachers are registered on the UpSkillsTutor. And thanks to this platform, about 5 million lessons have been held, and this number is increasing every day.

There is a huge selection of specialists for any request. Whether you want to learn guitar skills as a hobby or you intend to develop as a professional musician. In both cases, you will find a suitable tutor. There are also tutors for children and adults, with a variety of teaching methods and training programs. 

All you need to do is sort the profiles according to the criteria you want, analyze the professional data and then make your choice. If you need help, a site manager will help you. All free of charge. So, summarize the advantages of UpSkillsTutor over other methods of finding a tutor: 

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • quick response to your application; 
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials. 

Guitar is available for learning at any age and regardless of vocal abilities. This instrument attracts many. But if your child dreams of a professional scene, it is worthwhile to acquire the necessary skills from an early age. And starting in such a purposeful way is simply impossible without a qualified and experienced teacher.