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Education: Messiah University

Experience: more than 1 year

My name is Samantha and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I graduated from Messiah University with a B.S. in Molecular Biology, which included intensive coursework in Biology, Chemistry, and French. I live in Philadelphia with my fiancée and our cat, Halle Berry. In terms of Biology, I am comfortable teaching Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, and Human Physiology. For Chemistry, I have experience with General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Finally, my French knowledge ranges from beginner up to and including the interme...

20 $/h.

free of charge


Education: Drexel University

Experience: more than 3 years

Experienced and passionate tutor with a background in mathematics and a CRLA Level 3 certification. Dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and succeed academically. In my free time, I enjoy reading classic literature and playing the piano. I find that these hobbies not only provide a much-needed break from my work, but also help me stay sharp and focused in my tutoring. Reading allows me to explore new ideas and perspectives, which I can then bring into my sess...

35 $/h.

free of charge

Acrylic PaintingDrawingFine artsIllustrationMore

Education: The University of The Arts

Experience: more than 5 years

My focus is on exploration and working with students to find what works for them. I prefer giving room to test new materials and ideas first, grow comfortable with how tools and materials work. Then when can begin to focus on specific needs and how to best approach them, develop a growth mindset for art creation. I have my BFA in painting and drawing and MAT in Art education. Much of my personal philosophy comes from being playful and experimental in my practice. Art should be about enjoying the process of making something, not always the results. I've worked in drawing, painting, ink, clay, and digital prac...

25 $/h.

free of charge


Education: Kutztown University

Experience: more than 20 years

I am a graphic designer with decades of experience working in Adobe Creative Suite. I am self-taught in the Adobe Creative Suite programs, through on-the-job experience and extensive Linked-In Learning tutorials. I explain very clearly and am patient as a student grows more comfortable and adept with Illustrator.

50 $/h.

free of charge


Education: Harvard University

Experience: more than 5 years

Hi, I am Alisha. I am tutor of English Hi, I am Alisha. I am tutor of English

90 $/h.

free of charge

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✅ Number of tutors:6
✅ Average price:35 $/h.
✅ The average rating of tutors:4.2
✅ Skype/online classes:


✅ The average experience:more than 5 years
✅ Tutors' schedule:Mon-Sun, 8:00 - 21:00

Education: Temple University

Experience: more than 20 years

Native-level fluency in Spanish, many years' experience tutoring and teaching Spanish of all levels to all ages (pre-K through adult). Native-level fluency in Spanish, many years' experience tutoring and teaching Spanish of all levels to all ages (pre-K through adult).

75 $/h.

free of charge

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  • 19102 Center City
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  • 19103 French Quarter
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  • 19106 Elfreth's Alley
  • 19106 Old City
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  • 19131 Wynnefield Heights
  • 19139 Cedar Park
  • 19139 Dunlap
  • 19139 Mill Creek
  • 19139 Walnut Hill
  • 19143 Cobbs Creek
  • 19143 Garden Court
  • 19143 Squirrel Hill
  • 19146 Centennial District
  • 19118 Germantown-Chestnut Hill
  • 19070 Morton
  • 19118 Chestnut Hill
  • 19119 Mount Airy
  • 19144 Germantown
  • 19144 Wister
  • 19150 Cedarbrook
  • 19120 Olney-Oak Lane
  • 19027 Melrose Park
  • 19121 Lower North Philadelphia
  • 19121 Brewerytown
  • 19121 Cecil B. Moore
  • 19121 Poplar
  • 19121 Sharswood
  • 19122 Hartranft
  • 19122 Yorktown
  • 19123 Ludlow
  • 19123 Northern Liberties
  • 19130 Fairmount
  • 19130 Spring Garden
  • 19132 Stanton
  • 19132 Strawberry Mansion
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  • 19125 Fishtown
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  • 19132 Hedgerow
  • 19142 Angora
  • 19142 Elmwood Park
  • 19142 Mount Moriah
  • 19142 Paschall
  • 19143 Bartram Village
  • 19143 Kingsessing
  • 19143 Southwest Schuylkill
  • 19145 Penrose
  • 19153 Clearview
  • 19153 Eastwick
  • 19153 Hog Island
  • 19153 Philadelphia International Airport
  • 19145 South Philadelphia
  • 19145 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park
  • 19145 Girard Estate
  • 19145 Lower Moyamensing
  • 19145 Marconi Plaza
  • 19145 Newbold
  • 19145 Packer Park
  • 19145 Tasker
  • 19145 West Passyunk
  • 19145 Wilson Park
  • 19146 Devil's Pocket
  • 19146 Graduate Hospital
  • 19146 Grays Ferry
  • 19146 Point Breeze
  • 19146 Schuylkill
  • 19147 Bella Vista
  • 19147 Dickinson Square West
  • 19147 Hawthorne
  • 19147 Italian Market
  • 19147 Little Saigon
  • 19147 Passyunk Square
  • 19147 Queen Village
  • 19147 Southwark
  • 19147 Wharton
  • 19148 Central South Philadelphia
  • 19148 East Passyunk Crossing
  • 19148 Moyamensing
  • 19148 Pennsport
  • 19148 Sports Complex
  • 19148 Whitman

The average cost of classes in Philadelphia city, PA - 35 $/h.

The cost of lessons with a tutor in Philadelphia city, PA by subject

Chemistry20 $/h.
English30 $/h.
French30 $/h.
Spanish45 $/h.

Professional tutors in Philadelphia City

Every child needs attention. Likewise in education: students should receive sufficient attention from a teacher. A teacher often becomes a decisive characteristic in children's lives and an example to follow. But if a school teacher is forced to share his or her time between all students, a benchmark for a child can be a private tutor.

What learning problems do students face in schools?

School can give a child a lot, but, unfortunately, not all the knowledge. The fact is that it is impossible to apply an individual approach if there are more than 20 students in the classroom. Anyway, there will be those who will lack the teacher's attention, and those who need to be explained the teaching material more than once. It is difficult for a teacher to give and check multi-level tasks, since the lesson time is limited.

Misunderstood or misperceived educational information grows as a snowball. After all, topics are closely related to each other, and if you do not understand the basis of any subject, you will not understand further, more complex, topics. A child, realizing that he or she has missed a lot, may fall into despair. And then it all manifests itself in the loss of interest or even the emergence of hatred for the subject. This is a normal psychological reaction when a child has nowhere to wait for help.

The kids are totally different. And the school curriculum is focused on rather generalized educational abilities. Successful students are therefore bored during regular lessons, and those who lag often suffer from anxiety and uncertainty. In fact, there are very few who meet the requirements of formal educational standards.

How to find the best teacher in Philadelphia City?

The help of a private teacher may need both schoolchildren and adults. Parents of preschoolers often look for a tutor to prepare for school. A tutor can help an adult with mastering a new area of knowledge for professional development, studying foreign languages, and developing a hobby. And schoolchildren and students need a private teacher first of all to successfully pass exams and improve the level of training in a particular discipline.

Today, in the age of information technology and capabilities, people are searching for teachers online through tutoring sites or social networks. Sometimes, parents searching for a tutor focus on the teachers of the school in which their child is studying. But few people think that it is really to make sure of the professionalism of a potential teacher even before the beginning of classes.

This is possibly provided that you give preference to reliable tutor search services. Here is the advantage of such marketplaces:

  • the diploma and degree of a teacher have already been checked by service managers;
  • the knowledge of a tutor is also confirmed by an interview;
  • there are reviews about each teacher on the site.

Perhaps not all registered tutors were tested, but the profiles of such teachers are at the very end of the catalog.

How much do private classes cost in Philadelphia City?

The average hourly price of private classes in Philadelphia City is $25/h. In general, prices vary between $25-55/h. There are higher prices. All depends on the level of professionalism of a tutor. Specialists with average experience ask for their services $35-50/h.

Look how the cost of one lesson differs depending on the subject.

Why is it worth looking for a tutor in Philadelphia City on UpSkillsTutor?

UpSkillsTutor is a service of Buki company, which has been successfully working in the market of educational services for about 10 years. The company is represented in more than 6 countries and continues to expand its sphere of influence. On the website UpSkillsTutor you will find more than 115 thousand reviews about tutors. The possibilities of choosing a private teacher are also wide – there are about 90 thousand teachers from more than 2000 cities of the USA and even from other countries.

Tutor profiles are compiled in such a way as to provide users with complete information about the professional qualities of a tutor. The search itself is greatly simplified thanks to filters (class location, training level, price, reviews), which help to sort the profiles according to your queries. Let us summarize the features of searching for a tutor on UpSkillsTutor:

  • big list of tutors;
  • real reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials;
  • quick feedback.

In most cases, a tutor is a prerequisite for a child's academic success. With UpSkillsTutor you can find a private teacher that matches all your criteria in just a few minutes and start learning the next day.

How Much Does Tutoring in Philadelphia city Cost?

Services depending on the experience of teaching and the level of training of the tutor


Classes with a beginner / student tutor

from $30 per hour

Lessons of a professional teacher in Philadelphia city

from $60 per hour

Tutoring services in Philadelphia city

Price for the period of classes

Price for 1 lesson

from $30 per hour

Week of classes (3-4 classes)

from $120

Month of study (9-11 classes)

from $300

Exam preparation (26 classes)

from $750