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It is not only schoolchildren and people whose professions are related to philology that need to study English more thoroughly. Firstly, everyone should know their native language, and secondly, this is the very first need when hiring, if you are counting on some more serious vacancy.

Everywhere, there is a need for competent specialists who can speak logically and coherently, speak out their point of view, and successfully select words. In general, a rich vocabulary is necessary in many professions.

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your English?

There are two ways to improve your English. More precisely:

  • self-study (books, video lessons, dictionaries, grammar, podcasts);
  • studying with a mentor (group courses, tutors, schools/universities).

If we consider the first option, it is good, but not very reliable. This method is suitable for those who have a high level and have little difficulty with grammar. There are many sources of information, and not all of them are of high quality.

Learning in school or even in a group at courses also has certain disadvantages. After all, the teacher's attention does not belong only to you, and you should be guided by some generally accepted standards.

It turns out that the only profitable option for obtaining knowledge is a private tutor. First, you get an individual program. Secondly, you can always discuss any nuances with a teacher, so the conditions of classes in this case are the most favorable for you. You can reschedule if you suddenly have some circumstances or adjust the list of topics at your discretion.

How much do private English classes cost in Chicago?

Private English lessons depend on the experience and qualifications of a tutor. Usually, beginning teachers are cheaper, and experienced teachers are more expensive. Those who are engaged in tutoring as the main business can have a higher price. But let us take everything one by one.

The average price in Chicago is about $20 per hour. This is, of course, much lower than in San José or New York. And this is usually related to tutors with average experience, that is, just good specialists. However, you can find a wide range of prices from 15 to 50 dollars in 60 minutes. And find a specialist at a reasonable price for you.

In the table, you can see the average cost of tutoring services by different cities in the United States.


Price, USD per hour

New York




Los Angeles


San Francisco




Philadelphia City


San Diego






San Jose


How to find the best English teacher in Chicago?

Everyone can need the help of a tutor – from schoolchildren to certified specialists. Often, those who change their profession or develop their career want to improve their language proficiency in adulthood. Schoolchildren will have to pass entrance examinations and receive further education, where illiteracy is no longer allowed.

The main thing is to find a good tutor, mainly with a degree and excellent reviews. Today, specialists are found mainly through the Internet. Not all qualified teachers can afford expensive advertising. But you can always find such specialists on tutoring sites.

These are now the main platforms for searching and, in most cases, guaranteeing the quality of tutoring services. Since sites that value their reputation can test tutors and so on.

Why is it worth looking for an English tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

This site is one of the most reliable. All tutors who want to undergo a small test, upload educational documents and a video fragment of their lesson. Naturally, there are also tutors who don't do it. Their profiles are at the end of the catalog and they are not marked with the "Verified tutor" mark. The choice is always yours. In addition, this site has a very large selection of 90 thousand teachers from all over the country.

The site is presented not only in the USA, but also in 6 other countries of the world. It is one of the most visited and popular. Working with UpSkillsTutor t is very easy, just a couple of clicks. Then you need to carefully read the profiles, and there you will also find reviews about teachers. Finding and selecting a tutor, consulting a manager is completely free.

The advantages of this site are obvious:

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials.

Language is the foundation for successful professional growth and achievement. Therefore, do not neglect additional classes. It is important to start improving English from an early age, then as an adult, you probably won't need a tutor. You always have the opportunity to enter UpSkillsTutor and select a teacher there at your discretion.