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  • 43235 Northwest Columbus

It would seem that everyone should know their mother tongue well. But there are many pitfalls such as grammar, phraseology, stylistics, phonetics and much more. Even if you do not plan to enter the philological faculty, you need to have a certain literacy and business speech skills. 

Since your employment and then career success depends on all of this. 

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your English?

You can learn English using a variety of methods:

  • self-study (textbooks, video lessons, fiction, dictionaries);
  • studying with a mentor (group courses, tutors, schools/universities).

It is much calmer and easier to learn with a teacher, so an educator provides you with the necessary curriculum, and constantly directs and coordinates your efforts. With self-learning, all these tasks are entrusted to you and it is not a fact that you will be able to cope with them. You may have excellent memory and intelligence, but the quality of knowledge may not be the best.

There is one significant disadvantage in school education, and this is a lack of teacher attention. Because there are always a lot of students in a class or a group. Due to this, a teacher cannot solve only your learning problems. 

But one-on-one tutoring is different. You are in a comfortable environment and can make changes to your curriculum. For example, add a new topic or devote more time to a difficult topic.

How much do private English classes cost in Columbus?

Often, when determining the value of their work, tutors are based on their experience, education, professional skills and career achievements. It is measured in the price of one hour of training. Of course, prices vary greatly within a country, as living standards and incomes may vary from city to city.

The average cost of a private English lesson in Columbus is about $18 per hour. You can find a good experienced teacher with this price. However, preparation for SAT, ESL and other tests, studying language at a university level and the like will cost you from $25 per hour and above. 

Review the table and compare the level of prices.


Price, USD per hour

New York




San Jose


Los Angeles


San Francisco






Philadelphia City




San Diego








How to find the best English teacher in Columbus?

Both children and adults need additional individual classes with a teacher. And it does not depend on the level of knowledge. Someone really needs to overcome gaps in knowledge, and someone needs to expand their erudition and comprehensively develop, learning the language at a deeper level. 

For some reason a lot of parents are looking for tutors either through ads in social networks, or in schools where their children study. However, there is also the most reliable way – tutoring sites. Choose a site with a proven reputation, study its functionality and that's it. Further it is necessary only to test the tutors' questionnaires carefully.

If possible, consult with a site manager. You can also communicate directly with a teacher. It is even better to agree with her or him on a test lesson.

Why is it worth looking for an English tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

Tutoring site UpSkillsTutor is known by many Americans as one of the most convenient and fastest sites according to search results. First of all, there are a huge number of active tutors. And not only in English, but also in many other subjects. Secondly, teachers offer a very wide range of services: preparation for exams, for admission to university, teaching grammar, rhetoric, creative direction, in brief – a variety of areas of linguistics. Third, you can clearly see the rating of tutors and assess their reliability.

Thanks to the filter system, you can sort the profiles of tutors at your discretion. Then you study the information about teachers, and you can easily contact a tutor via chat. After clicking "Contact tutor", you fill in an application form, in which you describe in detail your requirements and wishes for classes. An answer comes the same day within a couple of hours.

Let us summarize why your choice of UpSkillsTutor site will be the most appropriate and reasonable:

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • as quick as possible response to your application;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials.

Take a closer look at your child. He or she may need additional help with his/her studies. And after all, school age is that period when knowledge and professional skills base is laid. And if you skip this period, it will be much more difficult for your children to acquire the necessary skills in adulthood. 

But remember that you can always visit UpSkillsTutor and find here a worthy specialist who meets most, if not all, of your requirements.