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Imagine that you have a cool superpower that can help you in a variety of situations. Alternatively, imagine that you have a magic key that can open thousands of doors that were once locked for you. And this key can be the English language. Just picture how many opportunities will be unlocked for you: 

  • Get a better paid job
  • Study at the most prestigious universities in the world 
  • Travel without thinking about the language barrier 
  • Forget about subtitles to movies or TV series 
  • Read books in the original language
  • Communicate with many people 

And this is certainly not the whole list of what you will be able to do knowing English. 

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your English?

Today there are different forms of learning, thanks to which everyone can learn English. Usually, courses can be individual or group. Everyone is ready to choose the best form of training for themselves in order to have a sufficient level of knowledge in the future. Both individual and group English courses have their own advantages, but if you have any doubts about which option is more suitable for you, here is a list of advantages of each learning option to make your choice easier:

  • The opportunity for the student to get the most out of their studies, as all lessons are tailored to their needs, knowledge and learning process. According to your goals, desired level of knowledge and time constraints, the teacher will create a personalized learning program for you.
  • The rhythm of learning in individual, compared to group classes is determined by the student. 
  • The teacher's attention will be focused only on you.
  • The undoubted advantage of such classes is that you choose the days, time of classes and the number of lessons per week. You will not miss any topic, because if you miss a lecture, you will study it at the next lesson, which is unfortunately impossible with a group.

Finally, it is also worth noting that many people try to learn English on their own but sooner or later lose interest and perseverance because not everything is easy and fast. So do not waste time and choose your teacher who will guide you into the world of English. 

How much do private English classes cost in San Francisco?

If we talk about the average cost of a lesson in San Francisco, taking into account the optimal experience of the teacher and the initial level of knowledge of the student, a lesson lasting one hour will cost $ 35, while if you decide to choose a more qualified teacher, the cost of the lesson will increase to at least $ 50 per hour. So as you can see, it all depends on how experienced the teacher is and how good the student's knowledge is. 

Moreover, if you need an exam preparation course, its cost will be $875 for 26 lessons. It can be concluded that this is just an approximate cost per lesson and after defining your goal and selecting the appropriate filters on the platform, you will be presented with many profiles of teachers with the indicated prices for classes and after reviewing all the options you can choose the most affordable one 

How to find the best English teacher in San Francisco?

No matter what your goal of learning English is (preparing for exams, learning spoken English, learning the language for university or for an interview) UpSkillsTutor platform will always be useful to you and will offer the best teachers who will certainly help you achieve what you want. 

By choosing this platform for language learning, you will quickly see that you have made the right choice, because you can choose the format of training, schedule and location, and probably the most important thing for everyone interested in learning a language - you will have the opportunity to be assured of the experience of the teacher only by viewing his profile, which will be attached to documents about his education, experience, etc.

Why is it worth looking for an English tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

Quite a few advantages of the UpSkillsTutor platform have already been noted, it is only necessary to summarize it all:

  • wide list of tutors
  • reviews and ratings
  • offline and online teachers
  • the ability to look at a tutor's credentials

Regardless of your goal for learning English, it can be said without a doubt that you will need knowledge of this language, which heads the list of the most popular languages in the world. The UpSkillsTutor platform will help you out a lot while searching for a teacher and will surprise you with its convenience and its capabilities, so you will definitely find the teacher you have been looking for for so long. Remember that learning a language is a long and demanding process, so the sooner you start learning, the sooner you will see your own result and an experienced teacher will become your guide to guide you in the right direction to achieve your goal.