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Education: University of Houston

Experience: less than 1 year

I am very patient. I am super trustworthy. I graduated with my high school and associates at the same time. I am 18 working on my bachelors. I am a friendly person, I may not have much experience, but I can assure you will learn what I have to teach. I played the trombone for 7 years and I could help whoever, and I am really good at writing essays. I would teach in psych, coping mechanisms, methods to help someone, how to identify, and help in a class if needed. I would teach the notes, and the music theory in the trombone, the rhythms and help them become a better player. Lastly, I could help you make a more understanding and proficient essay...

25 $/h.

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Education: Lviv National Music Academy named Lysenko

Experience: more than 3 years

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I am a professional teacher of trumpet, trombone, tuba and euphonium. I had graduated Lviv Conservatory, which is one of the best music education establishments in Ukraine. I have a great teaching experience at music school and in giving private lessons. Work at British music school "Lycaeum" I can teach any age category. My youngest student is 6 and the oldest one is 48. Every student is unique, but I always try to understand his main goal and help to achieve it. My favorite notes editor Sibelius 7 helps me to create any songs or pieces students need. My every lesson is positive and pla...

20 $/h.

free of charge

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✅ Number of tutors:1
✅ Average price:25 $/h.
✅ The average rating of tutors:4.2
✅ Skype/online classes:


✅ The average experience:less than 1 year
✅ Tutors' schedule:Mon-Sun, 8:00 - 21:00

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Education: Donetsk State Musical Academy named after Prokofiev

Experience: more than 10 years

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I'm Yuriy, a professional tuba player, I have extensive teaching experience in music! I am always engaged in my own development and the development of my students! I follow new methods and try them! Education: Donetsk State Musical Academy named after Prokofiev Donetsk, Ukraine. Degree: Master of Arts. Faculty: Musical Arts, Tuba. Position: Conductor, Orchestra Tuba player. Trainings: Course “Autism diagnosis, sensory integration, education"

30 $/h.

free of charge

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The average cost of Trombone lessons in Houston, TX - 25 $/h.

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