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Are you struggling to achieve your desired score in the math section of the SAT? Look no further! I am here to help you increase your score up to 750 with my expert guidance and personalized online classes.

With my flexible scheduling, you can choose the best time for your classes without disrupting your daily routine. I will provide you with an abundance of practice questions and in-depth explanations to help you understand the concepts, so you can confidently tackle any math problem the SAT throws your way.

My approach is tailored to your specific needs and learning style, ensuring that you get the most out of each class. All you need is your motivation to work hard and improve, and I will do the rest.

By working with me, you'll not only boost your math skills, but also gain confidence and overcome any exam anxiety. With my proven track record of success, you'll be well on your way to achieving your desired score and reaching your academic goals.

Don't wait any longer, let's start your journey to SAT math success today!

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Education: Aalto University (Finland)

Experience: more than 2 years

Online math classes with middle and high school students Hi there! My name is Marharyta, and I am an experienced math tutor with a passion for helping students of all ages and abilities achieve their academic goals. With over two years of tutoring experience, I have worked with middle and high school students on a range of math subjects, including algebr...


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