Abbreviation for Inches and Feet


Abbreviation for Inches and Feet
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  1. How to Write Feet and Inches?
  2. How to Write Measurements?
  3. How Do the Abbreviations for Inches and Feet Compare to Styles?

Studying many disciplines, we often do not delve into especially the spelling of basic things. And among them are the most frequent measuring units. 


How to Write Feet and Inches?

Linguists determine two key ways to represent these measurements briefly. In both cases, we use abbreviations or symbols.

  • feet abbreviation looks like this: small letters ft. with a dot at the end or one apostrophe after the figure (for instance, 7 feet can be submitted as 7 ft. or 5´);
  • options for abbreviating inches: small letters in. with a dot at the end or two apostrophes after the figure (in particular, 6 inches can be submitted as 6 in. or 6´´).

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How to Write Measurements? 

In this section we will learn how to abbreviate denoting other units of dimension. 

Abbreviation for Inches and Feet

As you can see, the abbreviations are the same for the singular and plural. For instance, the abbreviation for miles is mi. and so on.

It is also worth noting that the rule of sequence should be followed. This means that you must select the same symbol for a specific measurement within the same article, publication.

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Abbreviation for Inches and Feet

How Do the Contractions for Inches and Feet Compare to Styles? 

According to the Chicago Manual (mainly for academic texts), we write the names of units in full or denote them with symbols if we use quotation marks. As for AP style, here are the key demands:

Abbreviation for Inches and Feet

Only a tutor can explain the rules of writing in certain academic or journalistic styles in a fundamental way. A private English teacher who is an expert in scientific writing or journalism will help you understand all the intricacies and improve your skills.

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