The Meaning of P.S.


The Meaning of P.S.
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    1. What Does PS Stand for at the End of a Letter?
    2. What Does PS Mean in a Letter Concerning Business Correspondence or Advertising?
    3. How to Write PS in a Letter?

We often find the abbreviation P.S. in business or personal correspondence, but do not even think about what it means. And most importantly, what it's used for today.


What Does PS Stand for at the End of a Letter?

PS means a thought that an author forgot to express in the main part of a letter and decided to write it after the end of his/her letter. This tradition was very popular during handwritten correspondence. Today, however, it remains relevant.

If you go deeper into etymology, then the letter P is the abbreviation for post, and the letter S is the abbreviation for script

The Meaning of P.S.

What Does PS Mean in a Letter Concerning Business Correspondence or Advertising? 

The key goal of using PS in business is to attract customer attention. It has already been proven that about 80% of people who open a mailing list first pay attention to the postscript. Often PS stands for a hidden or direct instruction to buy a product, use a service, etc.


Example of P.S. in marketing.

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The Meaning of P.S.

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The Meaning of P.S.

How to Write PS in a Letter?

Postscript is now one word, not hyphenated or spaced any longer.

  • PS – is a rule of writing in British English. 
  • P.S. – is a common version of the spelling in American English. 

At the same time, the Chicago Style Guide prefers the PS format without dots. The old variant is the use of a colon after the initials of the PS. And the best variant today is capital letters without punctuation marks at the end. It is also possible to use PS and PPS – double postscript.

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