Where to use a Comma With the “As Well As” Phrase?


Where to use a Comma With the “As Well As” Phrase?
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  1. As Well As in a Sentence
  2. As Well As: Punctuation
  3. Comma before As Well

Being well-versed in English syntax, you will find there are a lot of conjunctions and constructions that convey different shades of meaning. Therefore, we often get lost and do not understand whether we need to put commas or not. With the help of this text, you will not only learn the punctuation rules for this phrase, but you will also be able to improve your grammatical level.


As Well As in a Sentence

We are dealing with a phrase that serves to compare, distinguish and equalize objects and subjects by any qualities. “As well as” is a syntactic construction that can be at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. It can be replaced with “and” and other synonyms:

Where to use a Comma With the “As Well As” Phrase?


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As Well As: Punctuation

A comma is put:

  • to designate homogeneous parts of a sentence if the first word or group of words is more important in meaning than the second. Do you speak Spanish well? – Yes, I am fluent in Spanish, as well as Italian (additional information);
  1. when our expression is an introductory phrase at the beginning of a sentence, we put a comma after the end of this construction. As well as to your stunning success in the restaurant business, I noticed a creative vein;
  2. to compare people by any criteria, when our phrase with as well as stands before the verb, and we focus on one of the people we compare. Samantha, as well as Jessica, always dreamed of being a model (the special focus here belongs to Samantha).


Comma before As Well

Unlike the previous version, this one is used in the middle and end of a sentence. In both cases, when a comma is inserted, as well introduces an additional sentence. When this phrase is at the very end, a comma is put before it. If it is removed from a sentence, it will still be grammatically correct.

Examples of the use of this construction, including comma.

Where to use a Comma With the “As Well As” Phrase?

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