What is the Meaning of LMAO


What is the Meaning of LMAO
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  1. What Does LMAO Mean?
  2. How to Respond to LMAO?
  3. Rofl: Тext Meaning
  4. What Does LMFAO Mean in Text Talk?

It is no secret that Americans are very emotional. And these emotions are most manifested in laughter. But how to display this in texting, read further in the article.


What Does LMAO Mean?

This is one of the most popular laughing abbreviations for texting. It means "laugh to the brim", that is, very loud and unrestrained. Unlike LOL which means just "laughing out loudly". We can say that Lmao is a tougher version of the previous abbreviation.

What Does LMAO Mean?

This expression also has many variations and varieties, both more euphemistic and not-so ones. 

What Does LMAO Mean?

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How to Respond to LMAO?

Everything is fully up to you. Many are of the opinion that LMAO generally does nоt require or even deserve a considered response, as it is just a reaction. Many people respond with double laughter: Lollllllllll, LMAAAAOOOOO, Lololololololol. You can also respond with emoticons. 


If you are in a bad mood, you can say bluntly TAADTF (There ain’t a damn thing funny) or joking YNHMOAAAW (You never had much of an ass anyway) or WYEA (Well, you’re easily amused).


Here are some examples of Lmfao emoji


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Rofl: Тext Meaning


Probably, you come across this word less often, than LMAO or LOL. This is a softer version, practically without a vulgar shade. If literally, this expression means "rolling on the floor with laughter". 


As a sample of laughing abbreviations, it is more often used in friendly conversations of a more formal nature. Like talking to a new buddy.


What Does LMFAO Mean in Text Talk?

This option arose ten years later than its predecessor in texting LMAO. The addition of the letter f makes it even more violent, hysterical and vulgar. Literally, it means "laughing my fucking/freaking ass off". But in its popularity, it is in no way inferior to the original variant.


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