How to Start Playing Ukulele: Basic Chords and Easy Songs


How to Start Playing Ukulele: Basic Chords and Easy Songs
  1. How to Start Playing Ukulele?
  2. Basic Ukulele Chords
  3. Easy Songs for Ukulele

Ukulele is extremely popular among musicians, both professionals, and amateurs, due to its compactness, lightness, and excellent sound. The great advantage of this miniature guitar is a short neck, which can be easily rebuilt into any other system. A lot of people dream of playing this tool, and here you will learn how to take your first steps.


How to Start Playing Ukulele?

What to cheer everyone up and decorate the atmosphere at the party? Let it be a ukulele. Ukulele is a type of guitar, or rather, a 4-string pinch musical instrument that is suitable for both playing chord accompaniment and performing melodic lines. In a nutshell, it is a Hawaiian 4-string guitar. Unlike many similar in design and dimensions pinch instruments (balalaika, domra, mandolin), the sound of the ukulele is much softer and warmer, with a relaxed performance.


The most interesting thing is that the name of this tool translates from Hawaiian as "jumping flea". And all because the movements of the fingers while playing such a guitar resemble the jumps of this insect. It is completely unnecessary for sound extraction and easy to master, which most academic instruments cannot boast of. By the way, this guitar has become famous in the music world since the late 19th century.


To start your career as a musician, you need to choose a guitar. There are several types of such a tool, namely:

How to Start Playing Ukulele

Beginners are advised to start with a soprano guitar. It is great for mastering the basic styles of playing. 


The second important step of getting to know the instrument is the tuning of the guitar. You can set your ukulele to a standard or guitar fret. 

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How to Start Playing Ukulele

It is easier for beginner guitarists to use the standard fret for playing. 

However, if a manager in a store can still help you select an instrument, you will have to set up and master the basic chords yourself. You can make a lot of mistakes and all your attempts will be in vain. Or you can consult a private professional who will show you everything, and under the careful guidance of whom you will complete the entire basic program. 

And then the beginning of acquaintance with the ukulele will undoubtedly be crowned with success, you will avoid many difficulties of beginners. Use the services of the UpskillsTutor website if you want to choose a teacher quickly and efficiently. 


Basic Ukulele Chords

This section begins with the basics, namely, how to hold the instrument properly in your hands. It is necessary to support the neck of the guitar with the left hand, pressing it between the thumb and four other fingers. The ukulele needs to be pressed with the forearm, and its body should be resting in the bend of your elbow. And here is how to check the correct position of the instrument: after you remove your left hand, the guitar should be securely fixed.

The next important point is to learn how to clamp strings with your fingers. This is done in order to get used to the instrument in your hands. It is enough to give at least 30 minutes to this exercise during 2-3 days. 

Finally, we move on to chords divided into minor (m) and major (C). Play the notes:

  • С chord ukulele – clamp the fourth string with an unnamed finger.
  • D – clamp the first string with the middle finger, the second string on the second fret with an unnamed finger, and the third – with a pinkie.
  • F – the second string on the first fret is clamped with the index finger, the first one on the same fret – with the unnamed finger.

How to Start Playing Ukulele


Easy Songs for Ukulele

You can use two styles of playing:

  • strumming – blows down are carried out with the help of the index finger, the blows up – with the help of a fingertip;
  • fingerpicking – the thumb is on the fourth string, the index finger is on the third string, the ring finger is on the second string, and the little finger is on the first string.

Thus, the simplest chords that novice musicians can play are the six, the eight and the four, a little more difficult – the six with jamming. In this way you can play, for instance:

How to Start Playing Ukulele

Here is an example of Stay With Me ukulele chords: Am, F, C, G. 

How to Start Playing Ukulele

However, the most reliable way to learn how to perform your favorite compositions is by training with a professional. A ukulele tutor will help you quickly switch to automatic mode and build a strong foundation of skills that will be useful for learning more complex methods of playing.

Classes with a private teacher give you special advantages:

  • convenient schedule;
  • much attention from a specialist;
  • orientation to your personal needs and wishes;
  • professional improvement of skills;
  • clarity and accessibility of explanation.

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