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Education: Suny Farmingdale

Experience: more than 5 years

Rich Taylor has been an artist within many mediums throughout his career. These areas include over 20 years as a graphic/web designer and a decade in the print industry. He built up his clientele in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Seattle, California, and his home in Denver, Colorado. My lessons are informative and created for your personal goals. I will teach you the camera, how to read the light, composition and the dos and don’ts of photography. You will also learn about modifiers such as speed-lights, diffusers, reflectors, studio lights and more. Then we will put then knowle...


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Education: Clemson University

Experience: more than 5 years

I have been a teacher for 5 years in a variety of places in the US. I am bilingual (Polish and English) and enjoy outdoors activities such as running, hiking, skiing nordic and downhill, as well as spending time at home with my cat. I am planning on attending Dental school this upcoming fall, which is why I am starting to tutor. I have bachelors and masters degrees in Biology, a masters in Teaching, and have been a biology teacher for 5 years in both middle and highschool settings. I like to play lots of games with repetition, drawings, hands-on activities, mini posters, etc. to help students master material in the way that...


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✅ Number of tutors:3
✅ Average price:35 $/h.
✅ The average rating of tutors:4.2
✅ Skype/online classes:


✅ The average experience:more than 1 year
✅ Tutors' schedule:Mon-Sun, 8:00 - 21:00

Education: Its icy piemontw

Experience: more than 1 year

Hello! I am a native Italian speaker with experience as a languages teacher in Italy. Hello! I am a native Italian speaker with experience as a languages teacher in Italy. I have taught children and adults, special needs included. I am in Italy at the moment, but I will be in Denver by mid September. I am available for both online and in presence courses.


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True knowledge is the key to future success in life and work. The main value is the skills of rapid learning, smartness, analytical and independent thinking. But all this cannot be achieved if you just memorize the theoretical material. And to master the practical part of most sciences, you need a teacher.

Tutor is useful not only for increasing the overall academic success, but also for the development and formation in a child of such important today soft skills.

What learning problems do students face in schools?

Unfortunately, many children have problems with schooling. The reasons can be very different, both objective and subjective. For example, a collective or class teacher is not suitable for a child.

In addition, there is no separation of students by level of knowledge in ordinary public schools. Very often in the same class are students with very different knowledge and abilities. This leads to the fact that some children compare themselves with more successful ones in all subjects and eventually become disappointed in their abilities. Simply put, they give up and do not try to learn.

But there are common problems that are characteristic of almost any school:

  • large fullness of classes;
  • little teacher attention for each student;
  • inappropriate or outdated teaching methods for a group;
  • limited lesson time and inability to interview everyone properly;
  • curriculum, too complex or too easy for individual students.

How to find the best teacher in Denver?

Parents strive to find an experienced, qualified tutor for their child. But their search is not always successful, as they often do not check professional data about a teacher. Feel free to request the following documents from a potential teacher of your children:

  • on higher education;
  • on work in the pedagogical sector, including work with different age categories of children;
  • on professional experience in general;
  • concerning professional achievements.

It is also important to ask a teacher about his or her methods and approaches, types of tasks, the level of teaching of a subject as a whole, and educational literature. Many tutors offer a trial lesson to get acquainted with their methods, so take advantage of this opportunity. Also ask your child what his/her impression of a teacher is.

How much does teaching cost in Denver?

The cost depends heavily on a subject itself, its popularity and demand. A tutor also displays in price his/her experience and professional capabilities. Therefore, professional teachers have prices much higher than average. And the average cost of a private one-hour lesson in Denver is $26.

The price of the same subject in the same tutor may differ, which depends on the level of difficulty. For example, preparation for final or entrance examinations, university disciplines are usually more expensive than improving knowledge of school subjects.

Compare the average cost of various subjects.


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Why is it worth looking for a tutor in Denver on UpSkillsTutor?

This site is one of the most famous and most visited in the United States. And it is not surprising. After all, here is the most understandable for all users interface and functionality. When you visit the site for the first time, you already understand what to do. In addition, a user immediately sees all the information that interests her or him: the level of teaching, cost, methods, education, confirmed education or not, free hours for classes, etc.

Teachers' profiles can be easily sorted using filters. You can also read reviews about a teacher. In the application form, which you need to send to a selected tutor, you indicate all your wishes for future classes. The answer comes very quickly, usually a few hours after the application is sent. In any case, your application will not go unnoticed, because the site managers work very quickly.

There are more than 200 different disciplines on the site, and applications from students are received every four minutes. Let us highlight the special advantages of UpSkillsTutor compared to other teacher search methods:

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • quick response to your request;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials.

A private teacher is a great solution for parents who want to help their child. A tutor will help you to choose an individual training program, correct mistakes and rise to the highest level as quickly as possible. Such classes are usually the most organized. The UpSkillsTutor platform is a place where all your wishes regarding the choice of a teacher will always be taken into account.