Find the best Italian tutors in Los Angeles

More than 85 million people speak Italian. Knowledge of the Italian language will help to get higher education in this country. Students of creative professions are primarily interested in the possibility of studying. Of course, getting an education in Italy in the field of design or fashion is a real dream for people of art!

Increasingly, American companies collaborate with Italian manufacturers in various fields. Knowledge of Italian gives an advantage for both a hired worker and a business owner. It is useful for an entrepreneur to know this language if he/she plans to cooperate with Italian brands.

Why hiring a private tutor is the best way to improve your Italian?

There are two key ways to gain new knowledge and skills:

  • self-study (books, video lessons, programs, sites, applications, etc.); 
  • studying with a mentor (group courses, tutors, schools/universities).

When studying Italian in large groups, students often find it difficult to get individual attention and help from a teacher. This can be particularly problematic for students who need additional explanation on topics or have unique learning needs. In addition, a group may include students with different levels of knowledge and experience in language learning.

This can cause some students to be bored in class because the material will be too simple, while others may feel insecure because the material will be too difficult. 

When you are learning one-on-one with a tutor, you have no listed restrictions. And you can:

  • ask a teacher a lot of questions;
  • work on your mistakes under the control of a professional;
  • have access to various learning resources;
  • practice both grammar and speaking and pronunciation.

How much do private Italian classes cost in Los Angeles?

The price is influenced by many factors: the qualifications of the tutor, the city, the level of teaching, and the duration of the lesson. Having decided on a goal, you can find out how much the training costs at the level you need. Since learning a language from scratch and, for example, studying according to a program of one of the international exams, these are different prices.

The average price of an Italian lesson in Los Angeles is about $54 per hour. Classes with beginner tutors cost about $30 per hour. Studying Italian with highly qualified specialists costs approximately $80-100 per hour. 

Services depending on the experience of teaching and the level of training of the tutor


Classes with a beginner / student tutor

from $35 per hour

Lessons of a professional Italian teacher in Los Angeles

from $55 per hour

Italian services in Los Angeles

Price for the period of classes

Price for 1 lesson

from $35 per hour

Week of classes (3-4 classes)

from $90

Month of study (9-11 classes)

from $230

Exam preparation (26 classes)

from $800

How to find the best Italian teacher in Los Angeles?

Those who just need the help of a tutor: 

  • school-age students;
  • people who need to use Italian in their work or research;
  • those who are preparing to move to Italy.

However, everyone may feel the need for individual pedagogical support at some stage of language learning. 

It is easy to find a tutor. To do this, you can use special tutoring sites, social networks or private schools. The main task is to make sure that your potential teacher has a fairly good qualification. Therefore, pay attention to: 

  • education and degree;
  • teaching experience;
  • reviews about a tutor; 
  • an opportunity to have a trial lesson; 
  • methods and approaches in teaching.

Why is it worth looking for an Italian tutor on UpSkillsTutor?

This is one of the best tutoring sites in the country according to feedback from students and teachers. First of all, because here you will receive a comprehensive answer to your request. You can search for a teacher on the site yourself or contact our manager who will help you find the most suitable candidate. Today, about 90 thousand tutors are registered on the site, and their number continues to increase every day.

In particular, you can find a native speaker, a certified specialist in preparation for international exams, teachers who have experience of living and teaching in Italy and so on. Search filters are designed to take into account all the most important criteria: price, reviews, rating, location, level of teaching. Usually, new users do not spend more than 15-20 minutes searching. You can specify your additional requirements in an application to a tutor. 

The site also has an education news section and tutors’ blogs that gives you a lot of useful information on a subject. Thus, UpSkillsTutor has many advantages:

  • big list of tutors;
  • reviews and ratings;
  • offline and online tutors;
  • the ability to look at tutor’s credentials.

Learn Italian easily and with enthusiasm thanks to the inspiration from a professional teacher! A tutor is your stepping stone to improving not only theoretical, but also practical skills. You will learn to speak freely with native speakers, perceive their speech and write literate texts. And you can also increase your career chances.