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Education: Florida International University

Experience: more than 2 years

I’m Rafael, born and raised in Paris until my 23 years old. My native languages are French and Portuguese. I also speak Spanish and English and I love exchanging about cultures, and help people to get a new tool in their life which is a new language. I’m in Miami, passing my degree in international business. Studying international business, I’m in my senior year. I’ve been doing tutoring for more than 2 years, I work with kids But also older people, there’s no ideal time to learn new skills! My classes are an exchange in culture, so you can get into the actual language and understand how things work, an...


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Art And Design

Education: Universidad pontificia bolivariana de Medellín, Colombia

Experience: more than 10 years

Mi filosofía es aprender con amor por lo que se hace Tengo la experiencia en el campo del diseño y la enseñanza para transmitir mis conocimientos


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Education: Université du Maine

Experience: more than 1 year

Hi everyone, my name is Manon, I am from France and I am 27 years old. I am an optometrist and I also do tutoring in French and in English on my free time to help students and also people who wants to learn a new language! I am very looking forward to meeting you all! I studied first English Literature at University and then I did a BTEC in Management in a private school in France. I also worked a lot on my free time as a translator and tutored middle school and high school students for English and French classes. My main goal as a tutor is to give confidence to...


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Education: University at Buffalo

Experience: more than 5 years

I am a 22 year old college graduate who fell in love with biology at a young age. In my free time I like to hit the beach, watch the Bills' games, and play lacrosse. Inside the classroom I mix having fun with getting work done. Right now I'm actually working with the University of Miami studying how corals procreate and spread out! I went high school in Rochester NY and I played lacrosse, ran track, played the trumpet, and did theater. I feel a strength of mine is connecting to just about anyone. In college I majored in biology from the University at Buffalo in NY. I can provide certificates if needed obviously! I also picked ...


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Education: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Experience: more than 2 years

I was born in Casablanca, Morocco and moved to the US in 2010. I grew up speaking both Arabic and French fluently and learned English when I moved to Boston. I currently live in Miami and I am looking for students interested in learning French or improving current French skills. I have a bachelor's degree in International business and have tutored French for a couple of years in Boston before moving to Miami. I believe everyone has the ability to learn a new language if willing to put in the practice and be patient with themselves in the process.


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Education: Fermin Toro University

Experience: more than 3 years

Hi, my name is Wolmer and I am an experienced Golf professional from Venezuela. Former 388 in the World and 13 victories as a Tour Pro. My Native language is Spanish but I also speak good English and a bit of French. I will be doing my best to help you if you decide to work with me. Thank you very much for your consideration. I started studying Business Administration ( Management) due to the my country’s difficulty I had to migrate and find my way around but I do have a good range of knowledge


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