How to Start Playing Guitar: Beginner Chords Guide


How to Start Playing Guitar: Beginner Chords Guide
  1. What Are Chords?
  2. 2 Chord Guitar Songs
  3. Examples of 3 Chord Guitar Songs

Mastering this musical instrument is a great way to spend time with friends, to get out of the routine and perform your favorite melodies. And it is never too late to start. You just need enthusiasm, willpower, self-organization, and, of course, a guitar! 


In this article you will get a lot of useful information that will help you take your first steps in training.


What Are Chords? 

Let us understand the terminology. A chord (further in the text – C or Cs) is a concordance that consists of 3, 4, or 5 sounds. That is, it is a rhythmically simultaneous combination of several (at least three) sounds of different heights that are located, or can be located on the thirds. 


At the same time, in ancient music (to Voltaire), it is called any combination of tones that sound at the same time. This concordance should sound full and soft. When the sounds are combined, there should be no unjustified sharp resonances.


Several types of chord structure are distinguished.

  • In European music, the third structure is widespread, with sounds arranged along the third.
  • In multi-voice music of the peoples of the world, as in modern music, fourth, second structures are generally used, etc.

Depending on the number of different sounds that can be located on the thirds, the following classification is distinguished:

  • threecords (3 sounds),
  • septchords (4 sounds)
  • noncords (5 sounds)
  • undecimacords (6 sounds)
  • erzdecimacords (7 sounds).

Of course, it is difficult for a newcomer to move from theory to practice. But take it easy – guitar chords will be your real amusement if you find a qualified teacher. Visit UpskillsTutor site, where there are great opportunities to choose a professional tutor according to your preferences. This tutoring platform is well-known for its convenience and excellent quality of service.

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2 Chord Guitar Songs

Basic Guitar Chords

Also, you cannot do without the alteration signs – sharp (#) and flat (b), which raise or lower the C by half a tone, accordingly. 


In order to record Cs, guitarists use chord application grids, below is a sample of a grid. This is a visualization of the part of the neck that needs to be understood. Let us figure out how to read a simple diagram. 

Basic Guitar Chords

  • The thick horizontal line is the beginning of the neck (upper edge).
  • The thin horizontal lines are the fret-shaped cuts.
  • Vertical lines are strings.
  • Strings are considered right-to-left (6-5-4-3-2-1).

Unfilled pure guitar diagrams are used for recording of Cs, for example during classes with a guitar teacher, it is convenient and optimizes the process of teaching. 

Basic Guitar Chords

There are 10 basic Сs. Experienced teachers recommend taking two Сs from the scheme below and training them for at least 2-3 days. Then go to the next two Cs in order.

Basic Guitar Chords

Here are some examples of songs with two Cs.

Basic Guitar Chords

You can start training with the song The Best Day chords to which are presented below. 

Basic Guitar Chords

Examples of 3 Chord Guitar Songs

There are plenty of ways of playing the guitar, but the most common are:

Basic Guitar Chords

It is better to produce a beat with the tips of yoyr nails, rather than with the whole hand if you are a beginner guitarist, trying to get a clean sound.


Next are more examples of easy guitar songs to play:

Basic Guitar Chords

If you get a set of chords rather than a melody during the playing, it is better not to waste time and find a guitar tutor for help. Believe, it is worth doing, because private classes with teacher will be useful:

  • in choosing the type of the guitar;
  • to set the correct finger hand position and posture;
  • in performing basic training exercises;
  • in selecting songs and explaining chords in them;
  • in bringing important practical skills to automation;
  • to adhere to discipline in training. 

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