Tutor - Anastasia K. id: 10140

Anastasia K.

20 $/h.
20 $/h.

I will be able to teach you grammar, reading, speaking, and adapt tuition to your needs. Both adults and children are welcome.

Anastasia K.

I will be able to teach you grammar, reading, speaking, and adapt tuition to your needs. Both adults and children are welcome.



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I am native speaker of Ukrainian language. Love my country, love me language and try to help you fall in love with the beauty of the Ukrainian language and speak it.

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I graduated from the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University, which is considered the best in Ukraine. I have a basic degree in international law and a second degree in psychology.

By virtue of my profession I am fluent in Ukrainian (my native language), and I will be happy to teach you this beautiful melodious language.

National Law University named by Yaroslav The Wise, Bachelor’s Degree, 2022
more than 10 years

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