Alternatives to “Hope You Are Well”


Alternatives to “Hope You Are Well”
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  1. How to Express the Best Wishes: Synonyms
  2. How to Be Resourceful in Your Wishes: Another Word for Hopefully
  3. How Else to Say “Doing Well”: Synonyms

This popular phrase is used more often in correspondence, both informal, friendly, and formal. It is also often heard by customers when they receive certain services from company representatives.


How to express the best wishes: synonyms

Do you agree that the well-known phrase is a bit outdated? It sounds like a cliché and is perceived without emotion. But if you want to wish all the best to your friends and family or flash your originality in business correspondence with colleagues, it is better to use synonymous expressions. 


Here are examples that are more appropriate for formal style.

Synonymous variants of the phrase “hope you are well”.

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Now we will learn how to demonstrate hoping for the best in more informal correspondence. 

Synonymous variants of the phrase “hope you are well”.


How to be resourceful in your wishes: another word for hopefully

We are accustomed to using the word “hope” in traditional phrases and appeals. To make your wish or greeting more vivid and lively, try to replace it. For example, instead of saying “Hope you have a good day”, you could say “Believe you have a good day”.


In addition, you can organically use synonyms expect, trust, wish, desire, hold out hope, pray, want depending on the context. Then your words will be fresher and more unusual.


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How else to say “doing well”: synonyms 

So, instead of the usual “Hope everything is going well” you can use “ are all right, fine, flourishing, blooming, prospering, thriving”. Mention the mood: “Hope you are in an excellent mood today”. You can also include idioms in your wishes. For instance, fit as a fiddle or fit as a flea, which means “very healthy and strong”.


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