Funny Spanish Jokes & Phrases That Don’t Quite Translate


Funny Spanish Jokes & Phrases That Don’t Quite Translate
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Did you know that Spanish, in addition to its expressive sound, is also characterized by an abundance of cheerful phrases? This language is full of extraordinary proverbs and folk phrases that will definitely not leave you indifferent. After all, we cannot understand their meaning based on the meaning of each individual word. They need to be taught with a dictionary.


After reading this paper, your Spanish lexicon will be exactly enriched with unique words and phrases.


Funny Spanish Words and Phrases

When a person speaks Spanish well enough, he or she does not notice any "meaningless" phrases when reading in it, since her/his brain is completely immersed in the Spanish-speaking environment. If you consider a separate Spanish word and perceive its sound in relation to English, then some funny associations may arise.


Many words for Americans may seem strange and funny at first glance. But here are 10 words that sound pretty funny in Spanish.

Spanish word



  1. Artichoke 
  2. Shower Mixer 


Hollow bone 


It's from an arsenal of teenage slang. 

  1. To look terrible
  2. Unsuccessful manipulation 


Embrace someone with love 


  1. To irritate 
  2. To be angry 
  3. To be envy


Someone between "friend" and "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"






In Colombia it means "secret boyfriend"




You can learn more of these words and master them without difficulty in class with a teacher. The most effective training is private lessons with a tutor, which can be later diversified by a conversational club. In turn, you can find a reliable and professional tutor thanks to the UpskillsTutor website. 


And now we will find out what funny phrases the Spanish language can please us with.


  • A caballo regalado no le mires el diente


Literally "don't look a gift horse in the teeth", which means "be satisfied with the gift you received".


  • Ladra el perro, poco mordisco


"A dog barks, a bite is small" – so Spaniards say about a person who speaks a lot, but does nothing. That is, in fact, such a person is not dangerous.


  • En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques


Literally it is "on Tuesday neither marry, nor go". The thing is, Tuesday used to be considered a bad day for Spaniards. Thus, something important was not recommended for that day.


  • Culo veo, culo quiero


"I see my ass, I want my ass" is about jealous people. Everything a jealous person observes in someone else, he/she wants to himself/herself.


  • A quien se acerca un buen árbol, se esconde una buena sombra


"To whom a good tree approaches, a good shadow covers him or her". An interesting expression about people who have good influential friends or acquaintances. 


  • A veces me caso


Literally it means "It happens, it happens that I marry". This phrase is used when you are in a hurry and you need to move people aside to go faster.


  • Ponte en fila, pepsi-cola


"In line, Pepsi Cola" is the phrase used when someone wants to take a place in the queue in front of you.

Below is another list of examples.

Funny Spanish Jokes & Phrases That Don’t Quite Translate

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Mexican Jokes in Spanish

In Mexico people can make racy and funny jokes. However, Mexicans' sense of humor stems from their mentality and national habits. And we Americans do not always understand that. To delve into the meaning of joking in Spanish, you need to know the language at a good level and understand the origin of individual words.


Examples of sharp Mexican humor.

Funny Spanish Jokes & Phrases That Don’t Quite Translate


Punny Compliments in Spanish

Spanish compliments can be different, and sometimes even seem sarcastic and offensive. But only the real Spaniards will understand all of them. Their culture is very rich in different traditions, and the language – in unusual sayings and comparisons. Spanish puns is another interesting phenomenon that is often found in the speech of native Spaniards.

Funny Spanish Jokes & Phrases That Don’t Quite Translate

Only a tutor can help you thoroughly understand the vocabulary and phraseology. Classes with a private teacher always have more advantages than courses:

  • constant attention of a teacher;
  • language learning from a practical point of view;
  • schedule that is convenient for you;
  • curriculum, adapted to your needs and demands.


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