Tutor - Anastasiia D. id: 10177

Anastasiia D.

10 $/h.
10 $/h.

Trying to prove to you that learning the language you're passionate about is not hard, tough, or boring ;)

Anastasiia D.

Trying to prove to you that learning the language you're passionate about is not hard, tough, or boring ;)




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I started working as an ESL tutor for kids about 3 years ago, but now, with the flow of time, my students include people of different ages and that is actually my favorite part of being a tutor - communication with people of all ages. My biggest wish is to help my students realize that learning the language can be fun and rewarding, you get to know new people, find a community of those who have the same goals as you do, receive and exchange experiences, and so much more!

If you are new to the language, if you need to work on your speech to get a job interview somewhere abroad, if you need help with homework or literally anything else - I'm here for you.

And for my fellow Ukrainians who are struggling with learning English while living abroad - ласкаво прошу;)

Chernivtsi National University, Bachelor’s Degree, 2023
more than 3 years

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