10 Music Video Dance Tutorials


10 Music Video Dance Tutorials
  1. Dance Moves for Beginners
  2. Best Dance Music Videos
  3. Video Instructions for Paired Dances

Many people want to, but do not dare to dance. They are convinced that they do not have enough flexibility, a natural sense of rhythm or are already quite old to start learning to dance. These fears live only in your head. Modern dancing perfectly develops posture, harmony, balance and confidence of movements, as well as, undoubtedly, self-confidence. The important thing is just to start.


And we will share not only useful videos, but also secret keys to good plastic.

Dance Moves for Beginners

First, find an interesting style that is close to your temperament. Find out everything you can find on the Internet about it. Seek videos with dancers of this direction, watch battles and festivals. Immerse yourself in the history and philosophy of the chosen dance direction.


Songs of modern singers are the hottest. Try repeating simple dance routines from Kyle Hanagami YouTube tutorial. 


One of the most famous dance songs is the composition of J.Timberlake «Suit and tie». You can perform popular JT movements for this music. This is a smooth, but quick style. Watch the video instruction by Shannon Bex.


Learning to dance at home through video lessons is not the easiest task, but it is achievable. Self-discipline, inexhaustible motivation and perseverance are needed. In dance studios or in individual classes, a trainer promotes motivation and discipline. She or he objectively assesses your achievements and mistakes, which simplifies the training process.


You can choose a qualified and appropriate teacher by using the UpskillsTutor tutoring platform. Here you can find both professional dancers and school teachers of choreography for a variety of educational purposes.

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Best Dance Music Videos 

Available for beginners guide and dance videos YouTube:

  • One of the current and popular dances of nowadays is contemporary. This is a dance direction in which modern and classical dance (ballet) are successfully combined. It can be performed under different music, using classical dance, jazz, modern, yoga, qigong, elements that give a wide space for the opening of dancers.

Detailed step-by-step instruction for beginners on the channel Ti & Me TV. Music Video Dance Tutorials

  • Hip-hop dancing. Hip-hop classes for beginners help to develop a sense of rhythm, learn the basics of this direction, and develop physically. The genre emerged as one of the first street dances, which already at that time included elements of locking, break dancing, and popping. In the dance style of hip-hop, the main thing is swings and steppes, movements of the body and legs. 

Video tutorial on this style on FitLara Dance channel. Music Video Dance Tutorials

  • Jazz-funk. Simplicity and naturalness, rapid change of smooth and sharp movements, lightness and vigor defines this style. It does not require special physical training or a dance base, but it will teach you to dance "like in clips" and shine brightest at parties. 

Video manuals on FitLara Dance channel. 

  • Break dance is a spectacular choreography that combines amazing plastic and sophisticated acrobatic tricks. To master this style, you need good coordination, physical endurance, a sense of rhythm and flexibility. A performer not only demonstrates mastery, but also shares his/her emotions and energy. The dance is characterized by improvisation, originality and short temper.

You can learn basic movements on VincaniTV

Video Instructions for Paired Dances 

Classical tango refers to the ballroom program, which is often represented by dancers in competitions. Argentine tango is a simplified version of the classic one, but this does not mean that it is not interesting at all in its technique, just that it is more adapted for the performance of amateurs. It is a dance of passion, emotion, love, true or not shared.

Video lesson on easy dance moves on the channel MIRIAM LEONARDO Tango


Salsa does not rely on competitive interest. It is both a Cuban folk dance and a musical genre. At the same time, the dance tradition developed after the music. The main idea of this style is love and freedom. Dance allows, even encourages, any manifestation of impulsiveness and levity. 


Basic steps guide is on Passion4dancing. Music Video Dance Tutorials


Flamenco is a great Spanish art, in which equal importance belongs to three components: dance, song and guitar accompaniment. It includes an infinite number of varieties in which you can see the features of jazz, rumba, cha-cha and other dance trends. There is always a desire to unite different cultures.

Basic lessons on Rina Orellana – Online Flamenco Studio


Rumba is a paired Cuban dance of African descent, which is part of the Latin American program of up-to-date sports ballroom dance. The style absorbed the characteristic features of a Latin American man in love: strength, confidence, sensuality, desire to please a woman and some aggressiveness.

Video tips on Dance Insanity


No matter how much you watch videos and whatever dancing you are fond of, it is very difficult to repeat and remember all the movements without mistakes. You need a teacher who will coordinate and guide your every move. Otherwise you will have problems with the quality of performing. UpskillsTutor site is the place where you can quickly select a good specialist for your request.

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10 Music Video Dance Tutorials

Which is the best dance YouTube channel?

The dance is characterized by improvisation, originality and short temper. You can learn basic movements on VincaniTV… Read more on UpskillsTutor

Which is the best dance YouTube channel for beginners?

Basic lessons on Rina Orellana – Online Flamenco Studio. Rumba is a paired Cuban dance of African descent, which is part of the Latin American program of up-to-date sports ballroom dance… Read more on UpskillsTutor