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Daniel M.

5 $/h.
5 $/h.

My name is Mathieu Daniel. I prepared students to communicate successfully using the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Daniel M.

My name is Mathieu Daniel. I prepared students to communicate successfully using the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.



Teaching levels

А1 (Beginner)

А2 (Pre-Intermediate)

B1 (Intermediate)

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

Business language

C1 (Advanced)

C2 (Proficiency)

College / University

Conversation language

Elementary School

For study abroad


Middle School

Native speaker

Tutor for adults

Tutor for children

My teaching methods are as follows:
1-Online learning. ...
2-Experiential learning. ...
3-Differentiation. ...
4-Blended learning. ...
5-Game-based learning. ...
6-Student-centred learning.

The advantages of these teaching methods are as follows:
-It Promotes independent active learning.
-It Encourages problem-solving skills.
- Information can be better retained.
-Higher learner satisfaction Can effect changes in professional practice.
-It Develops interpersonal skills and teamwork.

Lessons may take place

At students’ place:
At tutors' place:


I am from Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. I speak both French and English language, and l also have little knowledge about Spanish language.
I am a bachelor's degree in Arts Education of University of Ilorin, Nigeria but yet to collect my certificate because of ASUU strike. I have an Advanced Diploma in French language (DALFC1)certificate, an award in annual Essay Writing Competition in French, certificate, Radio Listener's Club of Lagos Certificate (Club RFI Lagos) Nigeria, one of the best results among all colleges of Education in Nigeria French Language village Badagary, 2013; one of the best results among all Universities in Nigerian French Language village Badagary, 2019. A certificate in Translation Without Borders (TWB), United States of America. I am a Tutor at Compass Tutoring Team, Canada; The Afghan women's Centre of Montreal, Canada and Princeton learning cooperative, Canada. Where prepare both children and adults on how to speak, read and write in French language using the four languages development skills (Listening, speaking, writing and reading).
I am specialized to teach French conversation skills, adults, kids and pronunciation, etc. When I start teaching French to new student (s), the first thing I do is tell them to forget about using English or Spanish. From the first minute we will talk, listen and think in French. With me, you will learn to speak French like a real native, including all the expressions you can't find in a textbook. You will learn to read magazine, websites and eventually to watch French series and movies. Our lessons won't seem like traditional learning. You are going to have fun, and you will be ready and waiting for your next class. Book a trial lesson with me before you commit and begin your transformation into a native French speaker!

National commission for colleges of Education, Nigeria , , 2022
more than 5 years

Tutor's calendar

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